Updating Lists

Updating Lists (2601)

When you open a tool from your Big Business Client, Big Business presents you with a QuickChoose list. To ensure that this list displays the most recent information available on the server, you can click the “Update List” button.

The “Update List” request from your client causes the server to supply your client with the most recent version of the list that exists at the time.

For example, if you want to obtain the most recent version of the Item List:

1. Click the Update List button in the list box.
2. If the list is up to date, Big Business Server sends the message “This List is up to date”:
3. If the list is not up to date, the server sends the message “Updating List”.

Tip: When you make changes from a client, the server updates immediately. Your client also immediately reflects the changes you make yourself.
See also “Updating Local Lists,” later in this document.


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