Forms Tab

Forms tab is an optional tab you can show on Customer cards to set forms or contacts.

In Customer Prefs in the Customer Card Prefs click the checkbox for Show Forms Tab.

For customers that need special Print Options use the Print Settings buttons to preset.

  Forms Access

Big Business will only let you edit Set Forms if you have Forms Access or All Access.

On an Employee card, on Access tab, are all Access Privileges including Forms Access. If you set All Access, they are all enabled. Otherwise, click Forms to allow Set Forms.

See Access Privileges for additional information about setting specific access privileges.

  Set Forms

Set Forms assigns the forms or options you select for a customer to set Print Options.

Turn on Forms Tab in Customer Card Prefs in Customer Prefs to see Printing options.

  Get Forms

Get Forms uses the forms or options you have set for a customer to set Print Options.

  Chapter 116 Print Options

Print Options lets you set a variety of options for printing or emailing of a transaction.

Print Options include Built-In Forms, Custom Forms, and Formats for the transaction. These might be Invoice, MyInvoice, Packing List, or Send to iPad, as printout or PDF.

Print Options can include Forms, Attachments, Messages, Foreign Currency and more. This chapter will include various options to help you get the most from Print Options.