Tax Exempt

Tax Exempt options help you waive sales tax for customers who are certified exempt. These override automatic calculations and help to track certification and exempt status.

Automatic calculations, using a Tax Status or service like TaxJar, may determine that no sales tax is collected because a transaction is out-of-state or items are non-taxable.

Tax Exempt applies to taxable transactions where tax is calculated and would normally be collected, but overrides so no sales tax is collected for the customer who is exempt.

  Exemption Type

Exemption Type lets you record the reason the customer is exempt from Sales Tax.

Exemption Types for TaxJar are Wholesale, Government, Other, and Non-Exempt.

  Resale Number

Resale Number lets you record a reseller certificate provided by an exempt wholesaler.

  Customers by Exempt Expiry

Customers by Exempt Expiry shows you customers with exemption expiration dates.

This chapter shows settings for tax exempt customers like Resale Number and Expiry. This reports lists these settings for easy review, listing Customers by Exempt Expiry.