Customer Warehouse

Customer Warehouse lets you set a default Warehouse on the Customer card, History.

  Customer As Quoted

As Quoted lets you automatically use pricing from quotes on new Orders or Invoices.

Settings in the Customer Prefs determine if the Quote Expiry Date or Quantity is used.
Settings for when to use quoted price are Never, Always, and Ask Each Time.

Click the As Quoted checkbox on Customer card, History tab to skip Ask Each Time. You may also Search, Add a column for, and Update the As Quoted in Customers list.

  Chapter 323 Customer Quotes

Customer Quotes let you provide a customer with prices for one purchase or recurring.

For recurring purchase, As Quoted features let you set the customer's prices for items. Then, on their new Orders or Invoices, these prices are automatically filled in for them.

All the tools you need to create Quotes, using export and import, to use Expiry Dates and Quantity price breaks, and help to get your process just right are available to you.