Sales Automation

Sales Automation is the goal of automating orders from an online store or other source.

BigBusiness helps you meet this goal easily, by giving you full automation and control. Set up any Connect option in minutes using Automatic settings and you're in business.

Hone your process by selecting custom data, looping in shipping, and checking results. A few hours' fine tuning will save you that many per week and one day, soon, per day.

  Invoice Delivery

Invoice Delivery is an example of deep customization adding to an invoice for delivery.

  Deep Customization

Deep Customization helps meet your goals to simplify workflow with additional data.

Sometimes you need one more box on the current screen and the same on any printout. Sometimes you need one that goes deeper, shows more places, and helps workflow.

This might be a new Status or Last Something Date that shows on a record, and on the search, but also on export/ import / report, and is automatically set by your rules.

  Mac Backup Settings

Mac Backup Settings are automatically saved when updating your BigBusiness Server.