Inactive Removed

Big Business helps prevent accidental sale of items that have been marked as Inactive.

For new transactions, Inactive items are not available. On Duplicate transactions, they are automatically removed.

  Landed Cost Percent

Landed Cost Percent is updated to never calculate an infinite value that does not copy.

This problem affected updates to MySQL or Postgres which did not work for infinity. Big Business could store values which approach infinity as INF to allow comparisons.

Instead, it is preferable to change these values to zero to limit complexity and improve compatibility. Email if you have zero cost items to handle.

  Going Infinite

Big Business handles infinite values in various ways, mostly by replacing with a zero.

This is our April Fool's joke for 2024, Add Infinite Changes. It is no laughing matter, though, as changes were needed for divide-by-zero to transfer to MySQL or Postgres.

Big Business 14 adds filtering of infinite values when sending to MySQL or Postgres. Additionally, values such as Landed Cost Percentage have new filters to save as zero.