Contacts Search

Contacts Seach helps you find your Additional Contacts for Customers and Vendors.

Contacts Search includes new fields such as Store, Ship Attention, Ship Address 3/ Department, Ship ID 1, Ship ID 2, Ship ID 3, Comment, and Ship Method to search.

Use the Add (+) button on Contacts List to include these as Columns to sort or filter.

  Contacts Ship Attention

Contacts Ship Attention helps you coordinate shipping information to fields such as Attention, Address 3, Department, and so on when selecting Ship To's for new orders.

Ship To on an order shows company name and address, while Contact details are sent to shipping, such as UPS, using Attention, Email, and Phone for delivery notifications.

To easily coordinate orders from customers with multiple buyers, you can Add or Edit on Orders, assign automatically with Ecommerce, and review in detail in Contacts List.

  Contacts Ship ID

Contacts Ship ID helps you track additional information about a contact for lookup and to carry through to orders or invoices, on to shipping systems, or back to your CRM.

Ship ID 1, Ship ID 2, and Ship ID 3 are identifier fields. Imagine "store code" for your customer with many stores, or "shipping account", which must be included on Orders.

If Contacts have Ship ID 1, for example, you can Add (+) a Column on Contacts List. There you can search, sort, filter, export and update-import, and much more to control.

  Contacts Filter

Contacts Filter helps you narrow the list of contacts by adding a filter in the top row.

Find All was used in the picture, and then the word "customer" was typed in to filter. Now we see 4 of 10 Contacts. Linked To "Vendor" or blank for individuals are hidden.

You may have a feed of individual prospects coming from HubSpot, and you may have Contacts added daily in options like Orders, Ship To, Other button. Filter them here.

  Chapter 206 Contacts Search

Contacts Search helps you find your Additional Contacts for Customer and Vendors.

Techniques in this chapter work for any other searches and any other fields, the same. This example offers suggestions for handling large numbers of Contacts per customer.

You might have hundreds or thousands of Ship To's for large customers, or a generic customer for one-off, walk-in, or online orders and need a bit more control to manage.