for Mac is the easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac.

  PostgreSQL for Windows

Installers for PostgreSQL for Windows can be found on for easy install.

Intall PostgreSQL for Windows on your Big Business Server computer, or preferrably, on a separate computer to free resources on your server computer by offloading data.

  Postgres Connect

Postgres Connect is an add-on to enable Big Business connect to a Postgres database.

Postgres, or PostgreSQL, is the The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Relational Database and perfect for archiving or warehousing your Big Business data.

Big Business easily manages hundreds of thousands of attached files in the Docs tool, but you may want to bulk warehouse at some point for performance or peace of mind.

  Chapter 142 Postgres Connect

Postgres Connect enables massive growth in your Big Business data by warehousing.

Using the Docs tool in Big Business you can attach unlimited documents like PDFs, usually small, and Pictures, often larger, to document every transaction as you enter.

To keep hundreds of thousands of documents, like notes, emails, scans, and photos, simply attach. To optimize, offload past years to Postgres, still instantly accessible.