Marking Items Obsolete

Big Business includes the option to mark Items as Obsolete. Marking an Item Obsolete removes several Item attributes including Bought, Sold, Inventoried, and the values in Order At Least, When Below, and Quantity Needed.

Once an Item has been marked Obsolete, it can no longer be added to any transaction (e.g. Invoice, PO, Item Adjustment). It is recommended that you wait to mark an Item Obsolete, until the possibility of a customer return, special order, or correction becomes unlikely.

If an Item has inventory values, clicking Obsolete will give an error, "You can only Obsolete Items for which all inventory totals are zero". (5538)

Big Business includes an Obsolete option on Item Cards with the following features:

• Testing to see if an Item can be marked Obsolete including checking that all inventory quantities (On Hand, On Order, etc.) are zero (0). Big Business also tests that the Total Cost is zero (0).

• Obsolete Items are suppressed from the Item Listing making them unavailable for buying and selling.

• Obsolete Items are included on reports and searches, and can be excluded using the Obsolete or other (Qty On Hand, etc.) search criteria.

• You can readily remove the Obsolete attribute of Items, to accommodate a return or similar situation, where the Item becomes active again.

To Locate and/or Remove the Obsolete attribute on an Item:

1. Use the Item QuickSearch to find the Item
2. Open the Item Card from the QuickSearch, by double-clicking or selecting the Item and clicking the Go button.
3. To remove the Obsolete attribute, click the Obsolete checkbox, so it is unchecked.
4. Save the Item Card by clicking the OK button.
5. Quit and Restart Big Business (single-user) or click the Update List button on the Item Listing (Big Business Client, only) to load the un-Obsoleted Item.


Update Items as Obsolete