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Windows PDF Error

If you are using Big Business Server for macOS with Windows Clients and have Updated from 10.3 or earlier to 10.13 or earlier, you may see this error:
Error when executing the method PrintOpt_DestSet... The plug-in method cannot be executed. External routine not found (TobitProXL).

This problem is fixed in Big Business 10.14 and does not occur if you are using Big Business Server for Windows or

Allocated Missing

Big Business 10 has cosmetic changes and removes Allocated Qty from the Expanded tab of an Order.

Big Business 10.14 lets you change Stock Prefs to see Allocated, Available (default), or not. (6657)
Stock Prefs

Font Book on macOS

Font Book is located in Applications on your Mac and includes utilities to validate fonts and check for duplicates. Checking for Duplicate Fonts may fix intermittent slowness or crashing.

Download the latest release. (6645)

Profit %

Big Business 10.11 updates Profit % to show negatives only for items being sold at a loss. Previous versions show negatives for returns. For clarity, negatives are displayed in red (except during data entry).

Download the latest release. (6645)

Auto-Enter Qty Error

Big Business 10.9 ignores your setting for Auto-Enter Qty and always enters zero. This is a bug that is fixed in Big Business 10.10.

Download the latest release. (6642)
Auto-Enter Qty

Runtime Error

Early Builds of Big Business 10.7 for macOS Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary can generate a runtime error if Unit of Measure is turned Off. It says, "Error when executing the method "UoM_CheckLI" at line number 38".

Download the latest release, or as immediate workaround turn On the Unit of Measure feature as described here. (6615)
Unit of Measure Setup

Search Fixes

Big Business 10 adds new Searches. This a big feature change, which you can turn On or Off in Search Prefs or toggle by holding Option/Alt while opening the Search. Fixed issues include:
• Sorting by Status, Date, or Number using multiple Sort Columns
• Removing Phone # 1
• Sorting by text numbers
• Category Code blank
• Search Refresh

This Solution details Search fixes. (6598)

Windows 10 Anniversary

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and Windows 10 Anniversary, being released August 2, 2016. (6612)

macOS Sierra Compatibility

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and macOS 10.12 Sierra, available September, 2016. (6611)
El Capitan

Zoom Fixes

Big Business 10.6 adds Auto Zoom for beta testing and with it various bugs for displaying and scolling. :)

This Solution details Zoom fixes. (6610)

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