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Range Error

A Range Error, such as the pictured Array Range Check Error, can appear anywhere, even on Server. Simply click Continue to keep working. The point, though, is to find anomalies and fix them, so please report these to support@bigbusiness.com.

This Solution provides more details. (6888)
Error Checking

Docs Not Found

You can Copy a file from your Desktop or any folder or directory and Paste it into Docs. The Docs Not Found alert will appear if the document cannot be found.

This Solution provides details. (6886)
Paste Docs


This is a test.

This Solution provides details. (6849)
Map Tools

Update Maps

Big Business may offer to Update Maps when you change settings that affect your saved Maps.

Choose Yes to automatically update your saved mappings for Auto-Import, BigCommerce, Import, Shopify, Square, TaxJar, Web API, Woo.

This Solution provides details. (6848)
Map Tools

Map Tools

Big Business makes it super easy to set up repeat Imports and options to automatically connect to eCommerce, EDI, POS, Sales Tax, etc. by using the same Mappings.

If you have imported inventory changes from a spreadsheet, you can easily setup updates to your web store because it uses the same mapping tool.

If you are changing settings to put more fields in a mapping, check your existing mappings

Data Integrity

Data Integrity can be a tough concept in business software. You want to put in an Address, once, and use it on multiple transactions. Then, when it changes, you want to replace it once, without affecting past transactions. The software does this for you. It helps you be efficient, while it preserves integrity.

This Solution gives you a quick overview of how integrity makes your work easier, m

macOS Mojave

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and macOS 10.14 Mojave, available September 24, 2018. (6813)
macOS Sierra


We can't say Compatible or Certified-Compatible until after a new Operating System has been released. And tested. And a Database update released.

So we are going with Copasetic.

This Solution describes compatibility of Big Business 11 and macOS Mojave. (6814)
macOS Sierra

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