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Authorize.net Fixes

The Authorize.net Add-On processes credit cards using the Authorize.net gateway just like your web store. Security Updates on your computer can block or delay processing.

Big Business 11.2 fixes timeout issues on High Sierra.

This Solution provides troubleshooting tips. (6746)
Authorize.net Settings

Docs Fixes

Big Business 10 adds the Docs tool allowing you to attach External Documents to any transaction in Big Business. This is handy for PDFs of POs, scanned docs, and more.

Big Business 10.22 fixes File Names with slashes.

This Solution provides details. (6745)
Docs Prefs
Paste Docs

Refund Fixes

Big Business 10.6 fixes a regression bug that changes for Refunds can cause blank columns for Date and Invoice # on a Payment.

Big Business 10.22 fixes the pulldown to show Refund where Payment or Prepayment are shown.

The problem can also be fixed by turning On the Refund tool. This Solution explains how. (6607)
Refund Features

Multi-Currency: Fixes

The Multi-Currency Add-On is an additional module for Big Business that supports transactions in foreign currencies.

Big Business 10.22 and Big Business 11.2 fix a problem with the auto-correction that occurs when a Discount is added and an Applied amount needs to be changed, which causes a discrepancy between Balance on the Customer card and what is reported on an Accounts Receivable Aging.

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Protection Racket

Big Business is really an Application Server.

This Solution provides a soft landing. (6736)
Soft Landing

Soft Landing

New features are often available for testing before they are complete. These new features may have a partial entry here. Or they may have no entry here. And they may have Links in the ReadMe document that lists all changes or the Info button (i) that appears in many Labels.

This Solution provides a soft landing. (6734)
Soft Landing

Enterprise Rollback

If you use Big Business Enterprise edition, with many users and frequent changes, we may install Builds for you. If so, we make is super-simple to Rollback if you encounter any problem with your new changes...

The Solution provides step-by-step instructions for using Rollback. (6732)

macOS High Sierra

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and macOS 10.13 High Sierra, available September 25, 2017. (6722)
macOS Sierra

Sleep Notification

Sleep Alert appears in your Big Business Client when your computer goes to Sleep. Turn off Sleep to minimize disconnection from Big Business Server.

This Solution provides details. (6674)
Turning Off Sleep (macOS)
Turning Off Sleep (Windows)

Windows Display

In Microsoft Windows in the Control Panel for Appearance and Personalization is the Display option to Make Text and Other Items Larger or Smaller. Some settings, such as 125%, can cause problems with Search columns being cut off because the scrollbar is resized and covers up part of the last column.

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