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Share Forward

Share Forward is the feature of the Docs tool that lets others view or download your attachments when they convert your Orders to Invoices. This is handy when they have question about the customer's PO and you've been thoughtful enough to attach a copy right there. It also works for you to look back at your Order and see any attachments to the Invoice(s) such as shipping docs.

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Profit and Loss by Month with Budget

Profit and Loss by Month with Budget exports Profit and Loss results for Months and Year-to-Date along with Monthly Budget, YTD Budget, and Actual to Budget.

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Profit and Loss by Month

Profit and Loss by Month exports Profit and Loss results for Months and Year-to-Date.

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Report Options

Reports Prefs include Accounting Labels for financial reports and Report Options for turning on custom features, like:

• A/R Custom Fields

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Journal Import

The Import to create General Journal entries is being revised.

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Error Checking

Big Business Error Checking continues its evolution with:
• more error checking
• more concise messages
• more links to solutions
• more creative solutions to common error-causing problems

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Xi Icons

Big Business 11.18 adds a new Icon Pref named, Xi. It is a combination of Helios icons on white buttons. It may be easier to use on new macOS where system toolbars may appear more gray.

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Icon Prefs

JSON Update

JSON is a data format for sending data to a service such as with TaxJar Connect, BigCommerce Connect, Shopify Connect options for Big Business. It also used to send data to the Web API, if you build your own solution to put data into Big Business.

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Tax State

Tax State is an optional Field on Tax Status which can be used to automatically select the correct Tax Status by matching the Shipping State entered on a Quote, Order, or Invoice.

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Tax Exempt

Tax Exempt makes it simple to override tax calculations for tax-exempt customers.

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