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Smart Date

Smart Date is a nascent feature. To start you can type Y for yesterday or T for today in date fields. This is helpful trnscribing from other programs that show Today or Yesterday instead of the actual date.

This Solution will be updated as this feature evolves. (6822)

Batch Delete

Batch Delete is updated, that you must select the rows you want to permanently delete. This is easy to do with:
• Shift-click to select a range
• Command-A to select all
• Command-click to select, selectively.

This Solution provides details. (6823)

Smart Features

Big Business includes a growing number of Smart features. These options try to make the program better and faster for you. However they are not for everyone. So, you have the option to tell Big Business, Don't get smart.

This Solution provides details. (6821)

Inactive Changes

Inactive now includes instant updating of Lists. This makes it easier to mark Customers or Items as Inactive and bring them back when needed.

In Big Business 11.15 when you uncheck Inactive the record is added to List(s) to be immediately available for use.

This Solution details changes to Inactive features. (6820)

Refund Changes

Refunds are getting improvements improvements to simplify their use.

This Solution will provide details. (6819)

Smart Bundles

Smart Bundles will update calcultions for costs, to start, to help you manage profitability.

This Solution will provide details. (6815)

Smart Units

Smart Units will translate from a base unit to optimized packaging. For example if you sell sodas, you might have cases (CS, 24 per), packs (PK, 6 per), and eaches (EA, 1 per). The idea is to enter an Order for 40 EA and Big Business will optimize to:
1 CS
2 PK
4 EA

This Solution will detail usage. (6816)

Desktop App

Big Business is a desktop application that runs on Mac and Windows computers. This gives it direct access to the hardware and systems that you use when you mean business. This means mouse and keyboard, big displays, and your network of printers, shared files, and more.

If you are looking for lightweight and portable, for outside sales, onsite, trade shows, or point-of-sale, please ask about opt
Soft Landing

Restricted Access

Big Business includes Restricted Access settings on the Access tab of the Employee card.

Settings include:
• Cannot Modify Transactions
• Cannot Delete Transactions
• Cannot Modify / Delete Cards
• Cannot Adjust Negative Items
• Cannot Edit Credit Cards
• Cannot Edit Item Codes
• Cannot Edit Inactive Status
• Cannot Edit Reorder Qtys

This Solution provides details. (6735)
Soft Landing

Access Privileges

Click the Access tab in the Employee Card to assign Privileges and Access to different features in Big Business, including:

• Export - without the export privilege a user can’t save data or reports to a text file.
• Terms - control a user’s ability to change customer or vendor terms
• Change - control a user’s access to Quick Change (Update or Apply) in Searches
• Delete - control a user’s acc

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