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Windows Windows (SDI)

Big Business 12 uses separate windows on Windows. Previous versions use an application window that sits in the background.

This Solution will list any hiccups. (6902)

ShipStation Support

ShipStation is a web-based ecommerce shipping platform. It connects to ecommerce providers (eBay, Amazon, etc) and to shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS) to streamline order fulfillment for online businesses. It is a subsidiary of Stamps.com.

This Solution provides information. (6950)
ShipStation ODBC Client
ShipStation API

Sporadical Trial

We receive a lot of requests to run an additional Trial of an Add-On. This happens when the first Trial goes well, prompting a revision of budget, or shifting of timeline, or an update of items. Meanwhile, the Trial ends and there is just one more thing to test. Now you can just click Trial again.
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New QuickSupport

Big Business has QuickSupport built-in. QuickSupport enables remote support. Just turn it On and provide us the ID and we can connect to see and help with any problems.

Big Business 12.6 updates QuickSupport to be compatible with macOS Catalina. Per usual with a big change we try and make it work exactly the same, to start.

Download QuickSupport for Mac
Download QuickSupport for Windows

Ready Checkbox

The Ready Checkbox appears on the Billing tab of Invoices to indicate the invoice will be sent automatically (by EDI, a procurement system, or online invoicing). When sent, the Ready checkbox will be unchecked and the Sent Checkbox will be checked.

To re-check the Ready checkbox manually, you must un-check the Sent checkbox first.

See Sent Checkbox linked below for details. (6842)
Sent Checkbox

Smart Tax

TaxJar Connect uses Smart Tax to switch the Tax Status on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices by matching the Shipping State on the transaction to the State entry on Tax Status.

Smart Tax can also be used by custom solutions like BizApp for iPad.

This Solution provides details (6765).
(Up) Chapter 41
TaxJar Fixes

Add Contacts

Big Business 11 adds the Contacts tool for quick access to phones, emails, and shipping addresses, where you need them.

This Solution provides details. (6747)

Billing Addresses

Billing Addresses are an option on Quote, Order, and Invoice, to help with:
• automated billing using EDI, procurement systems, or online invoicing
• automated order processing from web stores, etc

This Solution provides an overview of this feature. (6839)

System Dates

Big Business uses System Date settings, from the Language and Region control panels on your computer, to display and calculate dates. If you notice a problem, you can Disable System Dates in the Company card, to test. Either way, please contact support@bigbusiness.com with any date-related issues.

This Solution provides instructions for disabling this feature if needed. (6938)

Send Attachment

Send is a checkbox in Docs that you use to set attachments that can be emailed.

This Solution provides instructions. (6927)

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