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Send Attachment

Send is a checkbox in Docs that you use to set attachments that can be emailed.

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New Architecture

Big Business uses New Architecture to simplify updating. When you download and install an Update on the Mac, it automatically replaces the one you are running. For Windows, Uninstall the old and install the new. Then, when you start the newly installed Update it automatically opens your Data File.

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Purchase Weight

Requisitons, Purchase Orders (PO's), and Bills include Weight which totals the Ship Weight for their items. (6925)

Nexus States

Nexus States let you list the states you need to collect Sales Tax for. This works with automation to switch the Tax Status on sales, lookup taxes using TaxJar Connect, and so on.

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Non-Nexus Tax

Non-Nexus Tax lets you select the Tax Status to be automatically assigned when shipping to States not included in your Nexus States list.

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Exemption Type

Tax Exempt makes it simple to override tax calculations for tax-exempt customers.

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Optimized Client

With your help, we have tried several iterations of optimized Clients. This revealed issues with operating systems, plugins, networking, and ultimately a path forward. The solution is a wholesale change in Big Business 12, which is 100% 64-bit. Hopefully this is not too disruptive, other than being so fast you can't wait.

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Check Layouts

Big Business Banking Prefs let you choose a layout for printing checks(5793)

Last Cost Update

Last Cost Update is a date for tracking the last date cost was updated for an Item. It is automatically updated when a Cost is changed or can be changed on the Item, by Import, or using Update in the Items Search.

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Add Fields

Add Fields are included on Imports where you might need:
To combine separate First Name and Last Name entries:
• Add Billing Name
• Add Shipping Name
• Add Customer Listing

To combine Item Descriptions:
• Add Item Code
• Add Description 1
• Add Description 2

To combine fields used to create unique Customer Codes:
• Add Customer Code
• Add Customer Lookup

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Customer Lookup

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