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Alternate Item Codes

Alternate Item Codes make is easy to use other part numbers like Barcodes or UPCs. Customer Part Numbers let you automate Orders. Vendor Part Numbers protect from being shopped around. And creative uses like custom Catalog P/N's abound.

This Solution provides an overview of the Alternate Item Codes functionality. (6002)

Customer Lookup

Customer Lookup is the feature that finds a customer match when using Import or any feature that uses mappings like:
• Alternate Item Code Import [new]
• Auto-Import
• BigCommerce Connect
• Invoice Import
• Order Import
• Payment Import
• Shopify Connect

This Solution describes how Customer Lookup works. (6640)

Secure Help

Modern browsers alert you to non secure links, so we have updated the links to Help.

Smart Clean

Smart is generally a matter of opinion so we always have an option to Enable or Disable any smart feature, where the system makes a decision for you. Clean means fixing a false step like cut-offs from using too large a font or pixelation when enlarging a Classic icon (pictured). Since each person can choose Font Size or Icon Prefs, this setting lets Big Business make these fixes (or not).


Windows Windows

Big Business will soon use separate windows on Windows. Currently it uses an application window that sits in the background.

This Solution will list any hiccups. (6902)


Program Resources including pictures and text are being updated to current, non-resource formats.

This Solution will list any hiccups. (6901)

Legacy Networking

Legacy Networking suppresses new features like:
• Sleeping Clients

This Solution provides details. (6900)

Hide Forms

Big Business includes many Forms for printing. Using Advanced Print Options you can Hide Forms, like those that use Preprinted instead of blank paper. You can also hold the Shift key when printing to show all forms temporarily. (5924)

64-bit Client

64-bit allows for massive improvements including:
• optimization for future operating systems
• unlimited resources for performance and scalability

Smart Save

Smart Save allows instant updating of records. For example, if you are entering an Order and make changes to a customer address or credit card details these changes can be immediately saved so they are available to others and not lost if you cancel.

This Solution will provide details including instructions to disable if unwanted (6896).

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