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Paste for Docs

Big Business 10 adds the Docs tool. Docs Prefs let turn on the Docs tool.

Big Business 10.11 adds Drag and Drop for the Docs tool and Docs window.

Big Business 10.15 adds Paste to the Docs windows.

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Docs Prefs

Description Width

Description Width lets you change the width of Descriptions on printouts. An entry like 50% will narrow Description 2 by half and widen Description 1 to fit.

Big Business 10.14 updates Description Width to work for zero, to remove Description 2.

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Undeposited Items

Big Business 4 added a prompt to filter when there more than 256 Undeposited Items. Big Business 10.14 changes this to 999 and adds automatic sorting for ease of use. (5856)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Dates

Keyboard Shortcuts for Dates are being tested. To start, "t" for Today has been added. Dates should highlight when clicked once and change when the Up Arrow or Down Arrow keys are typed. Now typing the letter t will set the Date to today. (6664)

Ship Date on Orders

The Ship Date on Orders has been updated to automatically fill in today's date. (6665)


The Requisition tool was created for custom functions:
• to load a Sales Order for conversion to a PO
• to load a Sales Order for conversion to a Warehouse Transfer
• to load a Sales Order for consignment to a customer Warehouse
• to create a new request for purchase or transfer from another warehouse

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Stock Prefs

Stock Prefs control what inventory information you see on Line Items.

For starters, this setting lets you choose what appears on the Expanded tab of the Sales Order with choices for:
• System Setting (recommended)
• Hide
• Show Allocated
• Show Available

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Inventory Sales by Customers

The Inventory Sales by Customers report exports a list of items with quantites sold to customers.

Payments Received for Category Groups

The Payments Received for Category Group report will provide a detail list of paid invoices and their category amounts for the selected category group. The report will contain payment date, customer listing, customer code, invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, group amount, and applied amount, sorted by customer listing.


Big Business 10 lets you mix Client and Server from different Updates. Updates are different "dot" releases like Big Business 10.9 and Big Business 10.12. You might want to use the newest Client for newest Macs without changing your current Server. Or you might update Server to get new features without needing to change any Clients.

You cannot mix Upgrades, though. Upgrades are different vers

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