Item Preset

Item Preset lets you choose a calcuation or automation to apply to the item.
Presets include:
• Built - the item is built from other items
• Bundle - the item includes other items
• Count - the item sets its Qty to a count of other items
• % Taxable - the item sets it Price to a percent of taxable items added before
• % Subtotal - the item sets it Price to a percent of items added before

This feature is being tested. (6983)

Item Preset is a new option for setting automated actions for items.

The pictured item is a deposit for pallets. Unit of Measure is set to PAL, which is used by other items being purchased by the pallet. Preset is set to Count which tells Big Business to set the Qty for this item to be the sum of Qty's of PAL's for all items.


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