This is a list of abbreviations we might use and their importance.


Big Business is an all-in-one system, and we take ultimate responsibility for its proper functioning. You can start with shortcuts, grow with processes, and scale with automation, for a complete ecosystem.


API's let one system connect to another. Big Business can connect to any API. This is how it gets sales tax from TaxJar's API, orders from the BigCommerce and Shopify API's, and whatever you need next.


Accounts Receivable is what your customers owe. Big Business has a ton of tools to audit, collect, and report.


Alternate item codes, like UPC's are good for scanning, custom catalogs, and more. The new search that lets you export, update, etc. these en masse is called "Alt Codes".


CRM is software to manage current and future customers. It has plenty of prospecting tools not found in Big Business. We borrow liberally from CRM, though. And can bring your choice of CRM into its workflow.


EDI is automation for purchasing. To use you need a VAN which is an always-on service to receive PO's.


OS is geek-speak for operating system, usually a specific version, like, "Windows 7 and Windows 10 are different OS's" (some write OSes).


SDI uses separate windows—single-document instead of multi-document (MDI) interface. This makes it easier to interact with other SDI apps like your browser.


UPC is the preprinted barcode on many packages. Since it's there, why not use to scan with Big Business? See Alt


EDI is automation for purchasing. To use, you need a VAN which is an always-on service to receive PO's.