Set Color

Set Color updates color changes for locked fields. Classically these fields are grey.

These Fields include Customer Receivables Category, Customer Terms, Customer Credit Limit, Customer Credit Hold, Customer Credit Hold Days, Quote Date, Quote Exp. Date, Quote Price Level, Quote Ship To, Order Date, Order Ship Date, Order Drop Date, Order Price Level, Order Terms, Order Ship To, Invoice Date, Invoice Delivery Date, Invoice Price Level, Invoice Terms, Invoice Ship To, Payment Date, Payment Last Four, Payment Amount, Payment Reference #, Payment Comment, Vendor Payables Category, Vendor Payment Account, Vendor Expense Category, Bill Vendor Name, Bill Invoice #, Bill Vend. Order #, Bill Date, Bill P.O. #, Bill Department, Bill Received By, Bill Ship Method, Bill Terms, Bill Received Date, Bill Entry #, Bill Payment Address, Bill Mailing Address, Bill Other Charges, Bill Sales Tax, Requisition Date, Requisition Entered By, Item Asset Account, Item Last Pricing Update, Item Last Cost Update, Item Preset, Item Adjustment Date, Item Adjustment Category, Item Adjustment Entered By, Warehouse Group, Bin Group, Warehouse Transfer Date, Warehouse Transfer Entered By, Employee Date of Birth, Employee Hire Date, Employee Termination Date, Category Category Type, Category Budget, Category Prefs Undeposited Funds, Deposit Date, Reconciliation Date, Reconciliation Bank Account Code, Bank Prefs Undeposited Funds Category, Bank Adjustment Date, Bank Adjustment New Balance, Bank Adjustment Amount, General Journal Date, Account Account Code, Account Account Name, Account Account Type, Account Account Group, Account Bank Account Type, Item Inventoried, Comments


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