System Setting

My Prefs lets you choose settings for:
• Auto Zoom - to show bigger windows
• Columns - to reset or keep the columns you've added in searches
• Dialogs - to use classic or new searchable lists
and more.

If you choose System Setting for any of these, you will be using either:
• the system setting preset in Big Business for your platform
• the system setting selected in Company card by your system administrator

This Solution provides an example for System Setting. (6953)

My Prefs lets you choose settings like Auto Zoom - to show bigger windows. You might need the Classic setting (compact) to fit your computer (or lifestyle).

If you choose System Setting you will get the system default for Big Business (Classic) or if your system administrator has set Company Prefs, you will get the setting selected there (Auto Zoom, pictured).

In the picture, Company Prefs are set to Auto Zoom. So all users will use larger windows unless they select their own Prefs in the My Prefs. If you want compact windows you would need to select Classic in My Prefs instead of the System Setting that would get you larger windows.

If you are the system administrator you have ultimate control. User Settings Prefs let you lock users out by choosing Hide Settings. This removes the User Settings tab from My Prefs so they cannot change these settings.

You can then better enforce a setting like Hide Inactives. This makes Items, Customers, and so on, that are marked Inactive disappear for all users. And even if they Duplicate an old order it will not allow selling Items marked Inactive.

To make this work someone (you) needs to be able to manage Inactives which you do by:
1. Use the Employees Search
2. Add(+) a column to show Inactive Prefs (not Inactive for the Employee)
3. Use Find and then Update, Inactive Prefs to change


User Settings