Search Fixes

Big Business 10 adds new Searches. This a big feature change, which you can turn On or Off in Search Prefs or toggle by holding Option/Alt while opening the Search. Fixed issues include:
• Sorting by Status, Date, or Number using multiple Sort Columns
• Removing Phone # 1
• Sorting by text numbers
• Category Code blank
• Search Refresh

This Solution details Search fixes. (6598)

Big Business 10.8 fixes Sort Column issues. Multiple sorts could stop sorting. Sorting by Status then Date could fail if the window had been closed and reopened.

Big Business 10.8 fixes Phone # 1, which could be re-added instead of removed when chose from Column list.

Big Business 10.7 fixes Searches Sorting by text numbers. Entries like Sales Order Number could be sorted as text (10, 100, 11) instead of numbers (10,11,100).

Big Business 10.7 fixes Category Code on Postings Search.

Big Business 10.5 fixes Searches to refresh. If you double-click to edit an entry, it will be updated when you return to the Search List window. Prior to this fix the Search List would show old values for the modified record until refreshed.


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