Icons Missing

Big Business 9 adds new icons choice in Notes Prefs, Icon Styles. Classic and Satin replace previous choices for Crisp and Soft.

If you selected Crisp or Soft in a previous version, you will now find Classic or Satin selected. Surprise!

This Solution addresses some frequently asked questions. (6481)

In Big Business 9.3 (only) a few new Icons are missing or displaying incorrectly:
• Void - on a Printed check
• Check Spelling - on Item Card and Comments windows
• Custom Labels - on Item Search

Additionaly, new Icons do not include a Title or Name in their graphic.

Q: How do I switch to the original icons?
A: To revert to Default Icons:
1. Go to Notes toolbar
2. Open Notes Prefs
3. For Icon Style, choose Default
4. Click OK to Save Notes Prefs

Q: Does the setting in Notes Prefs affect all users?
A: No, Notes Prefs only pertain to you (the Employee you are signed in as).

Q: How do I know what the icon represents on a dialog button with out a Name/Title?
A: Hold the pointer over the icon and the name will appear in a Tool Tip.

Q: What if Title does not display when mouse is hovering over a button?
A: You have Tool Tips turned off in your Notes Prefs (you are a power user).


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