Installing Big Business 8.5

Big Business 8.5 includes updates to:
• Database
• Installers - to minimize Updates for remote or VPN Clients

Big Business 8 Server Installer for Mac minimizes Updates for Clients. This is best for remote or VPN Clients to avoid delays when they first connect to an updated Big Business Server.

Builds of "Mac Server DB", without an installer, are posted for manual updating, as follows. Mac OS X 10.6 SERVER (Snow Leopard SERVER) will not run the Big Business 8 Server Installer (requires GateKeeper support):
1. Download the latest Mac Server DB
2. Look in Downloads for the Unzipped folder, "Server Database"
3. Open the Applications folder and Big Business Server 8 folder
4. Ctrl-Click on Big Business Server (.app) and choose Show Package Contents
5. Drag the new "Server Database" folder and drop it into the "Contents" folder
6. Click Replace when prompted