QuickFind Last Purchases, All Purchases

The QuickFind on the Customer Card includes Last Purchases which gives you a listing of the the last purchase of each Item the customer has ever purchased. This makes it easy to look up their last price paid, last purchase date, and remind them of Items they may need to reorder.

This Solution describes this QuickFind entry. (6112)

The QuickFind on the Customer Card includes entries for :
• All Quotes
• Open Orders
• All Orders
• Attached Notes
• Items Purchased
• All Purchases
• Last Purchases

Last Purchases displays the most recent Invoice Line Item for each Item ever purchased. All Purchases displays all Invoice Line Items.

Last Purchases and All Puchases use the new Quick List tool. If you receive an error saying you don't have access, you need access to the QuickList tool on the InfoCenter toolbar.

You can click on column headers to Sort, and again to reverse the sort order, and you can resize columns. Double-click a row, or highlight a row and click Go To to open its Invoice.