Big Business Tools for Windows

Using Tools, you can perform preventative maintenance to keep your Data File optimized. You can also repair a damaged Data File. (6076)

Before Running Tools:
• Back up your Data File--so you have an extra copy if needed
• Check your disk space--you'll need plenty of free space
• Check disk fragmentation--defragment the drive first if needed

1. Launch BB Tools
The Open dialog appears
2. Switch Files of Type to, Compiled Database (*.4DC).
3. Open the Big Business (Server) program folder
4. Open the (Server) Database subfolder
5. Open the Big Business (Server).4DC file
The User Identification dialog appears, where you...
6. Enter the User Name, "Administrator"
7. Leave Password Blank and click Connect

To Optimize Your Data File:
8. Go to the Maintain tab
9. Click Compact
10. Name and Save the new Data File to be created

If your Data File is damaged, BB Tools will report that a problem has been detected when opening the file. Follow the prompts to Repair the file, or you can proceed to Recover the file as follows:

8. Choose "Do Nothing" and/or "Other"
9. Go to the Repair tab
10. Click Recover
11. Name and Save the new Data File to be created

Quit Tools when finished, and when launching Big Business (Server) again at the Open file dialog, select your newly rebuilt Data File.