Merge Customers

Big Business allows you to Delete one customer and have its history Merge Into another's. Just click Delete and then click Merge Into and select the other Customer.

This Solution describes using this option when attempting to Delete a Customer Card. (6012)

To Delete a Customer with History, follow the prompt to Merge Into another Customer. This may be useful for repairing a situation where two Customer Cards were accidentally created for the same customer, or when an old customer's History can be moved onto a generic Customer Card, created for this purpose.

By merging these entries:
• Quotes and Sales Orders
• Invoices and Receipts
• Folder Notes
it is possible to Delete the Customer while preserving the History for inventory and accounting purposes.

To Delete a Customer:
1. Open the Customer Card and verify that the Balance is zero ($0).
2. Click Delete.
3. On the pictured dialog, click Merge Into.
4. On the Customer Listing, select the target Customer Card.
5. On the confirmation dialog, click Continue.

If all records are successfully moved the open Customer Card will automatically close and be Deleted. If any record is locked In Use, or cannot be moved, the operation will terminate leaving all records untouched.