Cannot Adjust Negative Items

The option Cannot Adjust Negative Items found on the Access tab of an Employee Card prevents the Employee from creating Item Adjustments for Items that are or would overdrawn as a result.(5999)

The Access setting, Cannot Adjust Negative Items, prevents an Employee from saving an Item Adjustment where any Original Quantity or New Quantity is negative (i.e. less than zero, indicating overdrawn inventory).

To Set:

1. Open the Employee Card and go to the Access tab, or open the Access tool and select the Employee.

2. Click Cannot Adjust Negative Items

3. Save the Employee Card

Once the Employee Signs In again, if he attempts to Save an Item Adjustment with a negative Quantity he will see a warning that says, One or more Items has an Original or New Quantity that is negative, and Save operation will be canceled. Once all negative Items have been removed from the Item Adjustment it will Save normally.