Invoice with Balance Forms

Big Business 5.0.8 adds more Invoice forms that include Balance that can be used as a Sales Receipt.

This Solution lists the new Invoice with Balance forms. (5958)

Big Business now includes more built-in forms for printing Invoices with their Balance. These forms are useful for printing a Sales Receipt--when payments are added on the Receipts tab during Invoicing.

The Invoice forms with Balance are:
• Invoice (Plain Paper, Balance)
• Invoice (Plain Paper, Large Font, Balance)
• Invoice (Plain Paper, Comments, Balance)
• Invoice (Plain Paper, Comments, B/O, Balance)

You can select the forms that are selected by default, using the Invoice Printing Defaults found in the Customer Prefs. With Advanced Print Options enabled, you can also Hide the forms you do not use simplify the selection.


Advanced Print Options: Hiding Forms