Receive Money Save To Disk Adds Unapplied Amount

Big Business 5.0.8 adds the Unapplied Amount to the list of fields exported with Save To Disk from the Receive Money QuickSearch

This Solution describes this feature. (5938)

The Receive Money QuickSearch lets you find receipts from customers based on various criteria and export the results as tab-text by clicking Save To Disk. When you click Save To Disk you will be asked if you want to include the line item detail.

If you choose not to include the line item detail, the exported file will include a row for each Receive Money including its Date, Amount, Unapplied Amount, and so on.

If you choose to include the line item detail, the export file will include a row for each Invoice that has an amount applied to from one of the found Receive Money entries. If a Receive Money record is not applied to any Invoice(s), it will not be included in the export.

If you want to analyze Receive Money entries with an Unapplied Amount in Excel, you would:
1. Open the Receive Money QuickSearch
2. Use the search criteria, Unapplied Amount Is Greater Than $0.00.
3. Click Save To Disk
4. Click No, to omit the line item detail
5. Name and Save the export file
6. Launch Excel, go to the File menu, and Open and select the export file
7. On the Text Import Wizard click Finish

You will then have the list of Receive Money entries in a spreadsheet.


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