Auto-Build Items When Invoicing

Auto-Build automatically builds Items as needed when invoicing. Optionally, this feature can build all Built Components (subassemblies in the bill of materials) and their Built Components (subassembly in a subassembly).

This Solution describes the Auto-Build feature. (5909)

Auto-Build can be turned on to automatically Build items that are Built and are being invoiced into a negative Quantity On Hand.

Auto-Build includes:
• A checkbox in the Item Preferences turns on Auto-Build and affects all Built Items.
• Invoices for Built Items that have an insufficient Quantity On Hand generate an automatic Item Adjustment to Build the quantity needed of the Item being sold.
• The Invoice uses the Cost of the Item as calculated for the Item Adjustment.
• Sales Orders that are converted to Invoices use the Auto-Build.
• Quotes that are converted to Invoices use the Auto-Build.
• Item Costs for Built Items are automatically updated when added to an Invoice.
• Features for Multi-Warehouse, To Build Qty, and Auto-Enter Qty are supported


Built Item Quantity To Build
Auto-Enter Quantity for Line Items
Default Quantity