Using a Batch File to Quit Big Business Server for Windows

Big Business Server for Windows can be run as a Service. As such, it can be configured to Start Automatically without anyone logging onto the server computer, and it can be controlled with the commands, Net Start and Net Stop.

These features may be convenient for security or for automated backup, while ensuring that all data has been flushed to the data file, by automating the shutdown of Big Business Server.

This solution describes configuring Big Business Server for Windows as a Service so it can be shut down at a specified time using a batch file. (5882)

This setup must be performed by a local Administrator-level Windows user.

To set Big Business Server for Windows to automatically shut down:
1. From the BB Server File menu select Unregister all 4D Server Services.
2. From the BB Server File menu select Register As Service.
3. Quit Big Business Server.
4. Open the Services Control Panel and double click, 4D Server: BB Server 5.
5. Set the Startup Type (Manual or Automatic if you want it to start when the computer does).
6. Leave the Log On settings on Local System account and Allow service to interact with desktop.
7. Click OK to close the Services Control Panel.
8. Launch Notepad.
9. Type the following line with quotes:
net stop "4D Server: BB Server 5"
10. From the File menu, choose Save As...
11. Set Save As Type to All Files
12. Name the file "stopbb.bat" or similar and save in a convenient location.
13. Quit Notepad.
14. Open the Scheduled Tasks Control Panel and proceed through the Wizard.
15. Browse for the stopbb.bat file
16. Enter the scheduling settings and administrator authorization and complete.

For the batch file to work, BB Server must be Started as a Service, not launched as an application from the Start menu or Desktop. If you have configured the Service as Automatic it will start when you Restart the computer. You can also Start the Service from the Services Control Panel or with a batch file, exactly as above, but using "net start" in place of "net stop".


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