Custom Form/Report Tool

Big Business 10 updates the Custom Form Report tool.

The new feature of note is Zoom.

This Solution provides a brief description. (3270)

Big Business includes an updated Custom Form/Report tool, SuperReport Pro, which provides essentially the same feature set and additional stability. Please read the following documentation carefully if you use Custom Forms.

Keep the following important points in mind when using the Custom Form/Report tool:

• The Custom Form/Report tool is a separate application running in a window.

• Work performed in Custom Forms must be saved using the File menu within the window. Closing the window will not alert you to save and changes will be lost.

• Use Save As... when saving changes if you want to avoid writing over a working layout with an untested layout.

• Set the Page Setup from the File menu before saving forms. Accept any Object Adjustment prompts to assure your form fits within your specified page size.

• Test print your form from its place of usage within Big Business. For example to test an Invoice go to the Invoice tool, click Print, and choose your custom form at the bottom of the list of Print Options.

• Old forms can be Deleted from Custom Forms by clicking Custom Forms to show the list of your forms, clicking once to highlight, and clicking Delete (trash can icon).