Mailing Labels

Big Business prints Mailing Labels for use on envelopes and parcels that have a preprinted return address. You can print address labels from QuickSearches or from individual transactions. If the sheet labels you are using have been used previously, you can specify the the row and column of the first available label to use the remainder of the sheet. (3211)

Print Mailing Labels for envelopes with a preprinted address:

Big Business prints Mailing Labels in two formats for use on envelopes and parcels with a preprinted return address. Layouts fit standard address labels: 3-up, 1" x 2 5/8", 30/sheet, Avery(R) 5160; and 2-up, 1" x 4", 20/sheet, Avery(R) 5161. These labels are widely available in Laser and Inkjet formats. Big Business prints Address Labels from many of the QuickSeaches and individual transactions.

Big Business includes the ability to print on a previously used sheet of labels to assure that no labels go to waste. When printing Address Labels, specify the Row and Column of the next available label on the sheet, and Big Business will start with that label. Label usage is from right to left and then top to bottom. For example, the second label used is on Row one, Column two.


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