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Smart Prices

Smart Prices will let you control Qty Pricing, including As Quoted Pricing, to take the rest of the order into account, or not. For Units you may want Case price to be different from Piece price, which is easily done. However, for partial shipments you may want pricing unchanged. Smart Prices will let you choose.

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Smart Codes

Smart Codes will allow new shortcuts for data entry.

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Smart Date

Smart Date is a renamed feature. New are some keys like Y for yesterday or T for today in date fields. There will add to existing Date entry features.

This Solution will be updated as this feature evolves. (6822)

Smart Features

Big Business includes a growing number of Smart features. These options try to make the program better and faster for you. However they are not for everyone. So, you have the option to tell Big Business, Don't get smart.

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Smart Bundles

Smart Bundles will update calcultions for costs, to start, to help you manage profitability.

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Smart Units

Smart Units will translate from your base unit to optimized Units that you sell. If you sell sodas, you might only offer cases (CS, 24 per) and packs (PK, 6 per) only. Enter an Order for 40 each (EA, 1 per) and Big Business will automatically replace this with:
1 CS
3 PK

That's 42. And now you're wondering, What if?

If you want to skip conversion, add EA (1) as a Unit for this Item and it wi
Units Setup

Smart Rounding

Smart Rounding updates calculation rounding to reduce input errors.

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Smart Tax

Smart Tax allows custom Tax calculations.

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Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory updates inventory. By looking more closely at transactions, Smart Inventory is able to correctly interpret anomalies such as having switched an Item from Inventoried to non-Inventoried, or vice versa.

Big Business 11.16 allows changing the Inventoried checkbox when Smart Inventory is on. Earlier versions require setting the Item to Obsolete, first.

This Solution provides detail
Marking Items Obsolete

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