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Secure Help

Modern browsers alert you to non secure links, so we have updated the links to Help.

BizApp8: Secure Web Settings

Big Business Web Server Settings can be used:
• to see if the Web Server is running
• to specify the Secure Port
• to set Run At Startup
• to Start or Stop

This Solution describes the Web Server Settings. (6278)

Secure Credit Cards, Delete

The option to Delete a Secure Credit Card entry appears on the Edit window.

Secure Credit Cards, Checksum for Card Number

Secure Credit Cards uses a checksum (Luhn algorithm) to confirm that a valid card number is entered. If the checksum fails, because a digit is incorrect, missing, transposed, etc. an error reports, "Invalid Card Number". This Solution describes this feature. (6197)
Wikipedia: Luhn agorithm

Secure Credit Cards, Cannot Edit

Cannot Edit Credit Cards restricts an Employee's Access so they cannot view or change Secure Credit Card entries.

Secure Credit Cards, Show List

This Solution describes the Secure Credit Cards option to Show List, which lets you select from a list of a Customer's credit cards, without displaying sensitive data. Show List includes Cardholder, Last Four, Expiry, Description, and Last Used. (6170)

Secure Credit Cards

Big Business includes the option to store Credit Cards, using strong encryption. This Solution describes Secure Credit Cards and its data entry features. (6131)

Secure Passwords

Big Business includes Secure Passwords, the option to use strong encryption for passwords. This improves system security by ensuring passwords are never stored or sent or displayed as clear text. With this setting enabled, a lost password must be replaced as there is not a way to recover it. (6097)

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