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Pricing Changes

Big Business has several Pricing features. Many do not appear until enabled. Qty Pricing (prices based on quantity being purchased), for example, adds a tab to the Item card and includes tools for Update, Import, etc. once you turn it On in the Item Prefs.

This Solution can be used as a starting point. Click the links below to review related entries. (6844)
Item Pricing Import

Units Changes

Units features are being updated to automate entering units of measure, quantity pricing, and optimize fulfillment.

This Solution lists the current features and can be used as a starting point. (6832)
Units Setup
Units on Transactions
Units Prefs

Addresses Changes

A number of features like Shipping, and now Taxes, rely on Addresses on the transaction, so these are added and need configuration.

This Solution lists the current features and can be used as a starting point. (6831)

Report Changes

Reports get frequent changes.

This Solution lists the current features and can be used as a starting point. (6826)
Report Options

Taxes Changes

Sales Tax features are being reviewed and updated as the sales tax landscape is changing from where you have a physical presence to include where you have substantial sales–economic nexus.

This Solution lists current features and can be used as a starting point. (6827)
Tax State
TaxJar Connect

Warehouses Changes

Warehouses features for tracking Qty's at multiple locations get continual changes.

This Solution lists the current features and can be used as a starting point. (6828)

Inactive Changes

Inactive now includes instant updating of Lists. This makes it easier to mark Customers or Items as Inactive and bring them back when needed.

Big Business 11.17 fixes Item Export to include Inactive.
Big Business 11.15 changes Inactive to immediately updates Listings.

This Solution details changes to Inactive features. (6820)

Refund Changes

Refunds are getting improvements improvements to simplify their use.

This Solution will provide details. (6819)

Terms Changes

Terms Changes include ongoing improvements to:
- Customer Terms
- Vendor Terms

Big Business 11.15 updates Terms conversion.

This Solution provides a starting point. (6817)

Channel Changes

Channel features are being improved to automate workflow.

This Solution lists your choices for using Channels. (6818)

Saving Changes / Getting Details About Set Up

Saving Your Changes / Getting Details About Set Up (3146)

Confirm Item Card Changes

Confirm Item Card Changes is In Employee Prefs--with other data entry preferences--and adds a confirmation dialog when clicking OK to Save an Item Card. This Solution describes its use. (6192)

Price Level Changes Keep Line Item Comments

In Big Business 5.0.9 and earlier, changing the Price Level on Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices, reloads existing Line Items with current descriptions and their Prices for the selected Price Level. This erases changes that have been made to Comments, Descriptions, and ETAs.

Big Business 5.1.0 keeps the exisiting Descriptions, Comments, and ETAs when a Price Level change is made. This Solution

Tab Key Changes Listing Sort Column

Big Business automatically sorts Listings, or QuickPops, with multiple columns, according to the column you are attempting to enter. If you want to re-sort the listing by different column, just click on the column header, then start typing to jump to the matching entry.


Customer Preferences Changes

Customer Preferences Changes
The Customer Preferences window includes a number of new features.
Determining Credit Verification Consequences
You can choose what happens when a customer exceeds their credit limit or you place them on credit hold. There are three options:
• Displaying a warning message and preventing new invoices from being saved.
• Displaying a warning message, but allowing new inv

Changes to Vendor Features

Changes to Vendor Features
Big Business Version 2.0 includes a number of new Vendor features and

• You can choose from multiple vendor mailing addresses on purchase orders and bills.
• You can control printing preferences separately for purchase orders and bills.
• You can determine how many days of transactions to display in the History view of Vendor Cards.

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