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One of the easiest ways to replace paperwork is with a screenshot. Big Business lets you capture a window and save seamlessly. Just choose Documents option in Docs Prefs for Filesharing. Then in any window click Docs and click Paste to save a screenshot taken with Print Screen or Alt + PrtSc (for a window).

This Solution provides details. (7011)

Big Business makes it easy to email transactions and reports as PDFs. Install our free PDF Emailer software for Windows (already built-in for Mac) and choose Advanced Print Options. You can then select Email (Customer address), Send Email (Customer + Contact addresses), or Save As PDF, for any form. The Email options will automatically print to PDF and attach to a new message in your email prog

Web Services turned out to be impractical and a non-starter. We added a ton of code for connecting to Salesforce back when Web Services was the way. This did not pan out, in part because they charged you too much for API access, which of course they needed to do because Web Services is so complicated.

Big Business pivoted to using Modern API's that take a modular approach. This provides a fast

To demonstrate remote connections we set up a Mac Mini in Las Vegas. You are invited to connect to the Demo File.

This Solution tells how. (7003)

Folder Connect is an option to import and export files from a remote folder that uses File Transfer. Big Business supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols.

This Solution provides details. (7002)

BigBusiness 12 adds New Style formatting for on-screen text. This is a transition that will take time and care but may addresses several key issues:
• Apple changes the System Font each macOS -- New Style will better adapt
• Apple hides the System Font -- New Style may let you pick it (when a menu won't)
• Microsoft varies system appearance -- New Style will better adapt
• Windows Clients sc

Big Business lets you immediately use the TaxJar Connect add-on for getting taxes for New States, where you have a new need to file, without disrupting your existing Tax Statuses for your old states. Also, if you are using TaxJar Connect, you can add new New States readily.

This Solution describes using this option. (6999)

Send is a menu choice in Print Options, Settings, that lets you choose Documents and Notes to automatically include in an email.

When printing choose Email or Send Email to (multiple recipients) and then choose Send to add Documents from:
- the transaction, in the Docs folder on Quote, Order, Invoice
- the List, in the Docs folder on Quotes Search, Order Search, Invoice Search
- the Items, in the

Big Business 12.13 fixes Smart Objects for Dark Prefs.

This Solution describes this feature. (6996)

We want it to be easy to run a Second Server. It is easy if you a second computer. If you want to run two instances of Big Business Server on the same server computer, you want Second Server.

If you are curious about a replacement for AccountEdge for Catalina, you are not alone. As the link below indicates, "AccountEdge is not and will not be Catalina-compliant".

This solution provides a few questions to ask yourself to determine if Big Business might be suitable replacement. (6993)

AVG protects you from malicious code by blocking anything suspicious. To install Big Business, turn off AVG by right-clicking it in System Tray and setting to Off. After installing Big Business, restart and rescan your machine to make sure it's clean.

This Solution provides details. (6991)

MacOS Catalina requires permission for Screen Capture.

Without permission, the Docs Screen Capture feauture will return an error:
Error when executing the method "bDoc_New" at line number 6.
The pathname is invalid. File Not Found. Blah, blah, blah.

To fix, enable Screen Recording permission as detailed below. (6992)

Item Prefs lets you set custom names, default entries, and automatic handling of item-related data. (6990)

Hide ETA changes the Order window to omit ETA, making room for Description2, and show Ship Date, instead.

This feature is being tested. (6987)

Logo Export has been added to make it easier to change your address or other contact information. Click Export on the Company card to save your old company artwork as an image file, then email to your artist. When you get the new art back, click Import. (6984)

Big Business 12 will update the Custom Form Report tool for 64-bit.


MacOS Catalina protects you from malicious code by asking for all Installers to be Notarized. This means sending the files to Apple, where they scan for defects.

Unfortunately this scanning requires all contents be 64-bit, clean. This would mean dropping support for perfectly good setups like:
• Big Business 12 Old Client on El Capitan or Sierra
• UPS, FedEx, etc. using 32-bit ODBC
• Microso

Item Preset lets you choose a calcuation or automation to apply to the item.
Presets include:
• Built - the item is built from other items
• Bundle - the item includes other items
• Count - the item sets its Qty to a count of other items
• %Taxable - the item sets it Price to a percent of taxable items above it

This feature is being tested. (6983)

Emailing Statements is being added as a customization. To start, an Email Statements checkbox has been added to the Contact window that appears from Additional Contacts. This lets you set a recipient. (6979)

Refund Refundee lets you set a payee for refund checks when different than Customer Bill-To.

Role Name lets you see if a Contact is set as:
• Refundee - payee for refund checks when different than Customer Bill-To
• Email Statements - recipient for email statements

Add Column let you choose additional columns to show on Search Lists. Click Add (+) and then click on a column to add. (6982)

Big Business 12 supports Windows 7. New for 2020, Big Business 12 includes Old Clients which run on Windows 7 and Mac OS X El Capitan. Keep your old computers as is, get an instant upgrade to Big Business 12, and add new computers or update systems when you are ready.

Profit and Loss by Department exports Profit and Loss results for Departments, Unclassified (entries without a Department), and Totals. (6976)

Prorated pricing lets you purchase an Upgrade at discount if you have purchased the prior version in the past year. The calculation is simple. If you purchased half a year ago, you get half off Upgrade pricing. If you purchased three-quarters of a year ago, you get one-quarter off Upgrade pricing. (6975)

Big Business 12 offers Old Clients so you can make an instant switch to the newest version of Big Business without making changes to your current computers.

Old Clients are 32-bit, which makes them more compatible with:
• low-memory computers
• slow-video computers
• old Microsoft Outlook


Putting new Big Business on ten or 20 computers? Upgrading Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook? Getting the newest macOS or Windows Update?

Big Business 12 solves common chicken-and-egg problems so you can install and instantly switch to a new version.

Then, instantly switch again for a new version of Microsoft Office, new macOS, or latest Windows Update. (6974)

Big Business 9 added the option to Update On Server. This feature tried to improve Client performance for Remote Clients by offloading updates to the server.

Unfortunately, this feature make errors possible, like making repeated changes before updates are processed.

This feature is being removed and its setting is ignored in Big Business 11.30.

When sending a PDF by email, such as the Quote in the picture being sent to Ted, Big Business will show an error if it is unable to connect to your email program.

In the pictured error, PDF Send Error 9, Big Business 11 cannot connect to Microsoft Outlook which is 64-bit. Big Business 11 requires 32-bit Outlook. Big Business 12 works with 64-bit which is the new default. (6972)

When you Duplicate an Item that has a Kit, Big Business duplicates the bill of materials (BOM) so the new item has the same Kit.

The Sales, sorted by Customer (Last Year Comparison, Month and YTD) report is customized to provide invoice totals by customer for a month-to-date and year-to-date and the same for one year prior. The report will contain sales totals for each customer for This Year and Last Year, as well as the Difference and percentage difference, along with City, State, and Phone 4 for each Customer. The repor

Employees Search lets you view My Prefs settings for employees, such as:
• Search Prefs
• Docs Prefs
• Auto Zoom Prefs
This gives you a fast way to review or change, using the Update button.

This Solution describes this option. (6623)

MacOS Catalina requires apps to ask for permission for various tasks, such as:
• controlling your computer
• sharing your screen
• reading system settings

This Solution provides quick reference for some permissions. (6968)

Big Business aims to run on all current computers. It was not possible to fix Big Business 11 to work on newest Macs, but it is possible to fix Big Business 12 to work on Old Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012, which are still wildely deployed but may be losing support from Microsoft soon.

This Solution will provide details. (6969)

Folder Connect lets you set an online folder to check for import files. This online folder has a unique URL just like any address you put in a browser. Enter the URL carefully so it will always work. If you have any questions, email support@bigbusiness.com for help.

This Solution provides details for entering a Folder URL. (6931)

This Solution describes Registering the Folder Connect Add-On. (6965)

This Solution describes Registering the Folder Connect Add-On. (6965)

Auto-Connect for the Folder Connect Add-On is a checkbox that starts automatic importing and exporting of files from remote folders on an FTP site. (6967)

Authorize Connect makes it easy to connect and process credit cards using Authorize.Net, instantly from Big Business. This chapter describes Authorize Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. (6963)


Big Business Web Server Settings are used to enable BizApp for iOS to connect, and:
• specify a Secure Port
• set Run At Startup
• Start or Stop

This Solution describes the Web Server Settings to connect BizApp for iOS. (6278)

Dark Mode is now supported in Safari, so we have updated the Big Business web site, adding the cube for visibility.

On Windows 10 the Dark setting for Colors works with Firefox and Edge Beta.
On Windows 7 the High Contrast/Black Themes work with Edge Beta.


Lock Taxable blocks users from change Taxable and Exempt settings on Customers, Contacts, Items, Quotes, Orders, and Invoices.

This Solution provides details. (6959)

Unlock Taxable lets you set select users who can access Taxable and Exempt settings when Lock Taxable is enabled.

This Solution provides details. (6960)

Dark Prefs is a Test for adding Dark or Light appearance. It will not be usable until all screens are updated for color switching.

Choices for Dark Prefs are:
• System Setting
• Classic
• Dark
• Light

This Solution describes the settings. (6958)

TaxJar Connect automatically connects Big Business to the sales tax system, TaxJar. TaxJar Reports let you Export or Print the data you get from TaxJar--like State, County, and City results--for auditing and reporting.

This Solution provides details. (6890)

Big Business 12 uses separate windows on Windows (SDI). Previous versions use an application window that sits in the background (MDI).

Big Business 12.8 updates Client to improve Quit. Choose Quit from the File menu in the toolbar to Quit.

This Solution will list any hiccups. (6902)

Database optimizations or efficiencies sometimes save time by not redrawing something it doesn't know changed.

An example, fixed for Big Business 12.8, is the Pay All button on the Pay tool that lets you write a check. When you click Pay All and changes totals but did not immediately show each Bill's new To Pay amount.

This solution describes Redraw Fixes. (6956)

Longer Histories fixes the error pictured (Array Range Check error in MgrCustReg), sent in by a user who accumulated more than 32,768 transactions for a single Customer and got this error double-clicking on the History.

Big Business 12 raises this limit to 2.1 billion.

This Solution is for reference in case a similar error is encountered. (6954)

MacOS Catalina does not allow any applications that are not Optimized to run. We found this workaround helpful. Just go into Parallels before updating and create a new virtual machine, just like you would for Windows, but install Mojave. Then you can run Mojave on Catalina, and thereby any old app.

My Prefs lets you choose settings for:
• Auto Zoom - to show bigger windows
• Columns - to reset or keep the columns you've added in searches
• Dialogs - to use classic or new searchable lists
and more.

If you choose System Setting for any of these, you will be using either:
• the system setting preset in Big Business for your platform
• the system setting selected in Company card by your sy

Occasionally we receive a request for an extra field to be added to a Search and its Export (or the Update tool that changes many records at once). So now we pop it into the list that you can Add(+) and Export (or the Update tool). Since this does not change the standard Export function it is less disruptive, but you may need to know the following. (6952)

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and macOS 10.15 Catalina, available October 7, 2019. (6951)

ShipStation is a web-based ecommerce shipping platform. It connects to ecommerce providers (eBay, Amazon, etc) and to shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS) to streamline order fulfillment for online businesses. It is a subsidiary of Stamps.com.

This Solution provides information. (6950)

We receive a lot of requests to run an additional Trial of an Add-On. This happens when the first Trial goes well, prompting a revision of budget, or shifting of timeline, or an update of items. Meanwhile, the Trial ends and there is just one more thing to test. Now you can just click Trial again.

BigCommerce Connect makes it easy to connect and share data with the ecommerce solution, BigCommerce. This chapter describes BigCommerce Connect tools and features, which are found in System toolbar and tools. (6948)

BigCommerce Connect allows Big Business to connect and share data with the ecommerce solution, BigCommerce. To connect Big Business needs an API Token which you create in your BigCommerce Dashobard and copy into Big Business.

This Solution describes creating an API Account with BigCommerce. (6947)

Big Business has QuickSupport built-in. QuickSupport enables remote support. Just turn it On and provide us the ID and we can connect to see and help with any problems.

Big Business 12.6 updates QuickSupport to be compatible with macOS Catalina. Per usual with a big change we try and make it work exactly the same, to start.


These states were listed as origin-based (c. 2017):
Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Illinois (IL), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), New Mexico (NM), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Virginia (VA).

This list may help you understand your results from TaxJar (only). (6944)

These states were listed as destination-based (c. 2017):
Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AR), Colorado (CO), Connecticut (CT), District of Colombia (DC), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Hawaii (HI), Idaho (ID), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Kansas (KS), Kentucky (KY), Louisiana (LA), Maine (ME), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Nebraska (NE), Nevada (NV), New Jersey (NJ), New York

You can set TaxJar Connect to Automatic for tax lookup from Quotes, Orders, and Invoices. Or, you create your own Mapping by editing the automatic ones and clicking Save As in the lower right.

Big Business 11.27 and 12.6 update Automatic mappings for TaxJar to use Street and City (instead of just Zip).


The Ready Checkbox appears on the Billing tab of Invoices to indicate the invoice will be sent automatically (by EDI, a procurement system, or online invoicing). When sent, the Ready checkbox will be unchecked and the Sent Checkbox will be checked.

To re-check the Ready checkbox manually, you must un-check the Sent checkbox first.

See Sent Checkbox linked below for details. (6842)

TaxJar Connect uses Smart Tax to switch the Tax Status on Quotes, Orders, and Invoices by matching the Shipping State on the transaction to the State entry on Tax Status.

Smart Tax can also be used by custom solutions like BizApp for iPad.

This Solution provides details (6765).

Big Business 11.27 updates Duplicate for Quote, Order, and Invoice so they clear TaxJar results.

This solution describes TaxJar Connect fixes. (6941)

Big Business 11 adds the Contacts tool for quick access to phones, emails, and shipping addresses, where you need them.

This Solution provides details. (6747)

Billing Addresses are an option on Quote, Order, and Invoice, to help with:
• automated billing using EDI, procurement systems, or online invoicing
• automated order processing from web stores, etc

This Solution provides an overview of this feature. (6839)

Big Business uses System Date settings, from the Language and Region control panels on your computer, to display and calculate dates. If you notice a problem, you can Disable System Dates in the Company card, to test. Either way, please contact support@bigbusiness.com with any date-related issues.

This Solution provides instructions for disabling this feature if needed. (6938)

Line Numbers can be saved with Orders and included on Invoices. This works initially with import and export to procurement systems, where this is required. For adapting to another use, please contact support@bigbusiness.com. (6936)

Line Numbers from customer PO's can be added to Orders and included on Invoices. This works initially with import and export to procurement systems where this is required. For adapting to another use, please contact support@bigbusiness.com. (6936)

Export To is the destination for export files, such as a remote folder for Invoices that are sent to customers purchasing systems. It can be a full URL, or a relative path, or a folder.

This Solution provides details. (6934)

Import File is the name assigned in Docs to an online file used to create an entry. For example, using Folder Connect, Big Business might import an order by downloading an XML file. This file is attached to the Order for reference.

This Solution provides details. (6933)

File Kind lets you tell Big Business to only look for one kind of file when using automated imports in Connect tools. If you are using Folder Connect to check a remote folder, providing the Kind of file you are expecting reduces the possibility of error or confusion when the wrong kind of file is accidentally dropped in the target folder. If you have any questions, email support@bigbusiness.com

Folder Connect lets you set an online folder to check for import files. This online folder has a unique URL just like any address you put in a browser. Enter the URL carefully so it will always work. If you have any questions, email support@bigbusiness.com for help.

This Solution provides details for entering a Folder URL. (6931)

When running normally, Folder Connect can report intermittent errors if there is trouble with your Internet connection. Or if you are setting up, it may report an error connecting at all. Or processing it may report an unexpected error like, No orders created. You may receive hundreds of errors that happened overnight--easily deleted--but you will not miss anything important.

This Solution lis

Folder Connect is an option to import and export files from a remote folder using File Transfer (FTP, FTPS, SFTP). Like other Connect options it is an Add-On that connects out to a service and requires Registration and credentials to set up.

For simple file transfer you could use a service like One Drive or iCloud, instead.

Folder Connect gives you additional security and control to:
• conne

Barcode Settings help automate adding scanned items to a transaction, such as a Sales Order or Invoice. You can program the barcode scanner to send a preamble, and Big Business will add a Line Item. There are also setting to print barcodes on select transactions.

This Solution provides a description of the Barcode Settings.
(5868, bar code)

Big Business 11 adds the option for Barcodes to be included on Price Labels. This is a checkbox in Barcode Settings on the System toolbar that replaces regular price label fields with a barcode of the Item Code.

This Soution provides details. (6897)

Send Attachments puts a Send Checkbox in Docs, to choose Documents and Notes that are allowed in email, and a Send Menu in Print Options for selecting which to send.

Emailing Documents and Notes is two steps:
• in Docs click the Send Checkbox to allow a Document or Note to be emailed
• in Print Options use the Send Menu to choose from allowed Documents and Notes

This makes it easy to pick a fe

Big Business uses New Architecture to simplify updating. When you download and install an Update on the Mac, it automatically replaces the one you are running. For Windows, Uninstall the old and install the new. Then, when you start the newly installed Update it automatically opens your Data File.

This Solution provides details. (6708)

Requisitons, Purchase Orders (PO's), and Bills include Weight which totals the Ship Weight for their items. (6925)

Middleware is an Add-On to share data seamlessly with Shipping, eCommerce solutions, and more. It lets you select the data to share, gives you full control of access, and offers 100% uptime.

Middleware Trial is the option to run the Add-On in Trial mode for 30 days. It is easy to try UPS, FedEx, USPS connections or try other shipping solutions, databases, and applications that run your eCommerc

Nexus States let you list the states you need to collect Sales Tax for. This works with automation to switch the Tax Status on sales, lookup taxes using TaxJar Connect, and so on.

This Solution provides details. (6922)

Non-Nexus Tax lets you select the Tax Status to be automatically assigned when shipping to States not included in your Nexus States list.

This Solution provides details. (6923)

Big Business Server is a snap to deploy on Microsoft Azure. It takes only a few minutes to create a Virtual Machine with Windows Server and install Big Business Server. The trick is to set up the Networking and then put the Public IP into Big Business Clients you are connecting.

This Solution provides brief instructions. (6921)

Tax Exempt makes it simple to override tax calculations for tax-exempt customers.

This Solution provides details. (6855)

With your help, we have tried several iterations of optimized Clients. This revealed issues with operating systems, plugins, networking, and ultimately a path forward. The solution is a wholesale change in Big Business 12, which is 100% 64-bit. Hopefully this is not too disruptive, other than being so fast you can't wait.

This Solution provides details (6778).

Many companies move to Big Business while they still have a surplus of check stock from their previous system. Big Business uses a built-in check layout that calls for a specific format.

This Solution provides information about compatible check stock. (3418)

Big Business Banking Prefs let you choose a layout for printing checks(5793)

Last Cost Update is a date for tracking the last date cost was updated for an Item. It is automatically updated when a Cost is changed or can be changed on the Item, by Import, or using Update in the Items Search.

This Solution describes using on this feature. (6602)

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and macOS 10.15 Catalina, scheduled for release September 2019.

In an unusual move, Apple released a Public Beta on June 24, 2019. (6918)

Add Fields are included on Imports where you might need:
To combine separate First Name and Last Name entries:
• Add Billing Name
• Add Shipping Name
• Add Customer Listing

To combine Item Descriptions:
• Add Item Code
• Add Description 1
• Add Description 2

To combine fields used to create unique Customer Codes:
• Add Customer Code
• Add Customer Lookup

This Solution describes this opt

Big Business includes an options for Line Numbers and Sorting on transactions with Line Items like Orders and Invoices.

If you have Custom Forms, they can be automatically updated to support these options.

This Solution describes this option. (6635)

Customer Lookup is the feature that finds a customer match when using Import or any feature that uses mappings like:
• Alternate Item Code Import
• Auto-Import
• BigCommerce Connect
• Invoice Import
• Order Import
• Payment Import
• Shopify Connect

This Solution describes how Customer Lookup works. (6640)

Department Mandatory lets you require a Department entry on all transactions. If you use Departmental Profit and Loss reports, this setting may help.

This Solution describes this setting. (6916)

Big Business uses installers, like InstallShield, which evolve with operating system updates. If you are unable to install, this might be because we broke something. It also might be that your computer is not up to date. Please contact support@bigbusiness.com for help.

This Solution provides a quick refence for Installer changes. (6917)

Ebay orders coming through BigCommerce are tricky because are handled as Guest. This means they don't have Customer ID that you can use for Customer Code in Big Business.

This Solution provides options. (6915)

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and Windows Server 2008. (6133)

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and Windows Server 2012. (6912)

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and Windows Server 2016. (6913)

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