Units Defaults

Units Defaults are updated in Big Business 14 to make it easier to set units of measure.

Turn on Units of Measure in Item Prefs and then set defaults such as New Line Item, set to EA for each, and on New Item Cards, set to CS for case, PK for pack, and EA/

  Company Card Checkboxes

Big Business 14.70 fixes checkboxes on Windows that display one letter unexpectedly.

Pictured, Windows 11 in the background shows the letter Z for Zap next to the checkbox for Use Custom Zap Gremlins (removes unwanted characters from exports).

Meanwhile, the macOS Sonoma version of the Company card in the foreground shows the checkbox without the unexpected Z. Both work correctly. One just resizes oddly.

  Employee Listing Frozen

Big Business 14.70 fixes the locking of the Employee Listing behind another window.

This problem occurs in Auto Zoom when one open window or dialog, such as Search, opens the Employee Listing and it opens behind the other. This freezes the program.

  Line Numbers Popup

Big Business 14.70 fixes Line Numbers to show a Popup when clicked without focus.

  Hide Focus Rectangle

Big Business 14.70 hides the focus rectangle that appears on Quote Line Items.

  Smart Units

Big Business 14 updates Smart Units which automatically fills in Units of Measure.

In the pictured Quote, 25 EA were entered and Big Business automatically changed this to 2 CS (cases of 12), plus 1 EA (each).

This used proportional pricing but Qty Pricing can also be applied automatically.

  Focus Issues

Big Business 14 takes advantage of massive performance gains in RISC chips, so far in the new Macs and next in new PC's, by splitting into ten times as many files as before.

This modern modularity lets things happen at a terrific pace by lending itself to more cores per chip, but demands more precision, or specification, of what take precedence.

For the most part, this works flawlessly, but sometimes focus needs to be set or reset, so Tab leads to the correct, next field and the right window or pane or object is current.