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Connected Stores

Since Covid we suddenly have twice as many connected stores. If we ever seemed to prefer Shopify for B2C (retail) and BigCommerce for B2B (wholesale), it is now clear that anything goes (except Volusion). Big Business works with Magento, WooCommerce, and now Ecwid, too. Pricing is the same for any of the above--or anything new--for an instant-on connection to get Customers and Orders flowing fr
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Big Brother

Operating Systems get slower as they do more checking for security risks. This means a change for security can have a big impact on performance. And any change to the operating system may cause problems for older software. By all means install security updates to keep your system safe. Think twice though before putting a new operating system on an old computer.

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TaxJar Pricing

During Covid, TaxJar has changed it's pricing significantly. New service that once cost $49 per month, and could be activated online, now seems to require $649 per month and contacting them. Please contact us for help sorting this out.

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