Mark Shipped

Mark Shipped lets you enter Tracking, which is normally entered by your connection to UPS or FedEx. It sets Shipping Status to "Shipped" and sets Tracking to the entry provided. This information is used for Notify features, which automatically send these entries to your customer.

Turn on Mark Shipped on the Access II tab of an Employee card or use Update on the Employees Search to set many at o

  MRP Access

MRP Access lets you enable the functions of the MRP Add-On to fit your workflow.

Show Allocated - adds Allocated in the Show menu, to show all allocations for an item
Show Allocated for Warehouse - adds to show allocations for an item for a warehouse
Mark Released - adds Released to Mark menu, to set orders to be released for shipping

  Split Error

Split Error occurs when you choose Split in Advanced Print Options in some versions. It says, Error when executing the method PrintOptions2 at line number 276.

This error is fixed in Big Business 13.51.

Split sends a form like Invoice Plain Paper to two Destinations by creating two rows for the form. Choose Split in settings and then set one to Printer and one to Email. Split can be preset in

  Mark Released

Mark Released lets you set an Order to Released Status to be filled.

This option works with the MRP Add-On to

  HubSpot Error

Clicking the HubSpot tool on the Connect toolbar, if not Registered, would hang.

This problem has been fixed to show the Alert that HubSpot Connect is not registered.

Before the fix the remedy is to Quit and restart your Big Business (Client).

  MRP Settings

MRP Settings lets you choose how to Sort and Display results for Allocated items.

For example, you may want to sort Orders by Ship Date and display PO's by ETA.

Additionally you may want to specify a Lead Time, like 3 Days, to help in planning.