New Window

The New Window setting lets you choose to always open a new window. The default setting in Big Business is to only open one Order, one Item Adjustment, one instance of any tool.

You can hold Shift to open another instance of a tool, so a new Order won't force you to close another Order already open on your screen.

Or you can change the New Window setting in My Prefs to Advanced, which will alwa

Restricted Access

Restricted Access settings are included on the Access tab of an Employee card.

Big Business 13 adds these setttings to Employees Search and the Update tool for reviewing and changing many employees at once.

Settings include:
• Cannot Modify Transactions
• Cannot Delete Transactions
• Cannot Modify / Delete Cards
• Cannot Adjust Negative Items
• Cannot Edit Credit Cards
• Cannot Edit Ite

Order Closed

Big Business 13 adds new Closed options for Orders. In addition to the Closed checkbox on the Order window, there is now a Mark Closed option on Orders Search.

Closed Orders:
• are locked so they cannot be changed
• cancel any Qty Open and update Allocations
• lock Invoices [new]
• can be Unclosed [new]

Mark Closed

Closed finalizes an order, cancelling any open items, and locking it to prevent changes.

Big Business 13 adds a new Closed option in the Mark menu on Orders. This lets you change a batch of orders at once. Shift-click to select a range and click Mark, Closed.

Mark Unclosed

Orders can be un-closed using Mark Unclosed. If an order was is Closed, it will return to being Placed, Partial, or Filled. Open Qtys will be restored and Allocations set.

First you must give an employee access to the Unmark options, which include:
• Unclosed for Orders
• Unsent for Invoices
• Order Type for Orders and Invoices


Smart Toolbar

Smart Toolbar lets Big Business automatically set your Toolbar based on your operating system.

For example the Full Window toolbar is best on Windows 11 so you can easily find Quit or just close the toolbar window to quit. The Classic toolbar is more compact, and you can type Ctrl-Q to Quit, but it is also missing Windows 11 rounded corners.

There are many ways to override, turning Off the Smar

Cannot Close Orders

Cannot Close Orders is a new setting in Employee Access that lets you Block employees from closing sales orders.

Big Business 13 adds Restricted Access settings to the Employees Search and the Update tool for changing many employees at once. The choices are Block and Allow.

Task Manager

Windows 11 removes a shortcut to Task Manager, right-clicking on Taskbar.

If your Server was restarted while your Microsoft Windows computer was Sleeping, it will spend a minute trying to reconnect.

Instead, bring up Task Manger by typing Ctrl-Shift-Esc or by right-clicking on the Windows Start Button. It is always safe to End Task on Big Business Client.