Send From

Send From lets you set an email account to use for sending email from Big Business. My Prefs, found near the end of the Contacts toolbar, includes Send From, allowing you to enter your email account credentials for sending messages to yourself or others.

Enable Auto-Send

Enable Auto-Send turns on the Auto-Send feature for email. Go to the Company card to Advanced, click the checkbox for Enable Auto-Send, and click OK to save the Company card. Then Send From accounts that are set to Auto-Send will send automatically.

Connect Toolbar

Big Business 13 adds the Connect Toolbar to make room for the many mapping tools used to connect to services like Shopify, TaxJar, and so on.

Control Toolbar

Big Business 13 adds the Control toolbar for tools to control data and services options. For example, a user might add their email accounts to automatically send emails. Since each user sees only their accounts, there is the need for a tool to control all accounts.

Note Ready

Ready is a checkbox that appears on a Note to show that it is ready to send by email.

Note Sent

Sent is a checkbox that appears on a Note to show that it has been sent by email.

My Notes

My Notes is the new name of the Notes search on the Contacts toolbar. As always, My Notes finds Notes that were sent to you, including:
• Notes from other users in Big Business
• Notes you sent to yourself
• Notes from Big Business