Order Closed

Big Business 13 adds controls and transparency for Orders, starting with a new Closed option.

Apple Files

Big Business 13 adds new Apple Files options for Drag and Drop.

Lines Disappear

Big Business 13 uses a new Database that optimizes screen updates. In the picture the Payment was not revised to redraw Line Items correctly, so only the edited line appears and the rest disappear. This is fixed in Big Business 13.15. (7194)

PDFSend Error 5

PDFSend Error 5 may occur when you have installed PDF Emailer but not yet restarted the computer.

This problem is fixed in PDF Emailer 13 which is available for immediate use.

PDF Printer

Big Business includes a PDF Emailer for Windows for automatically creating and emailing PDFs.

This Solution provides details about the PDF Printer it creates. (7196)

iPad Setup

iPad Setup lets you connect your iOS device with BizApp, customized for your use.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

Big Business has QuickSupport built-in. QuickSupport enables remote support. Just turn it On and provide us the ID and we can connect to help with any problems.

On the Mac, go to the Big Business menu, choose About Big Business, and click QuickSupport.

On Windows, go to the Help menu, choose About Big Business, and click QuickSupport.