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Custom Validation

Validation is testing that a record is ready to save. An Invoice must have a Customer.

Custom Validation adds tests you have requested. If an invoice has Units of PAL there must be a line item for Pallet Deposit.
Chapter 36 Company

Block OS

Big Business now automatically blocks any operating system (OS) that is a problem. This protects you from unplanned system changes that could cause data loss. You can turn this feature Off if needed.


Prorated Protection

Prorated pricing lets you purchase an Upgrade at a discount if you have purchased the prior version in the past year. The calculation is simple. If you purchased half a year ago, you get half off Upgrade pricing. If you purchased four months ago, you get two-thirds off. If you purchased less than three months ago an Upgrade is free with Buyer Protection. (7112)
Prorated Pricing

Users First

Users First is a design goal to make Big Business easier for you by making it easier for all users. This is the idea behind Company Prefs that update System Settings for all users and User Prefs where they can then use your System Settings or choose their own. You can also push out changes for users with an Employee Search and using the Update tool to change many at once.

Block OS
Secure Server
Chapter 14 Docs Folder

MySQL 5.5

Big Business 12.23 added MySQL changes that were not backwards compatible to MySQL 5.5 installed on many Windows servers. Big Business 12.24 fixes this so you can install this update and it automatically works with MySQL 5.5.


Chapter 58 Thirteen

This chapter describes Big Business 13.

Chapter 58 Thirteen

Rosetta 2

Rosetta 2 enables a Mac with Apple silicon to use apps built for a Mac with an Intel processor. Big Business 13 needs this. The usual question then is, "Is it fast?"
Rosetta 2

Apple Silicon

Apple is making new Macs with its own processors, referring to the new chips as Apple silicon.

Big Business 13 is supported on Apple silicon and runs in Rosetta 2, which automatically translates Intel apps for new processors like M1.

Rosetta 2

Shopify Maps

Shopify Connect automatically connects Big Business to your Shopify store. Using the Shopify tool on the System toolbar you can view and edit Shopify Maps to make needed changes.

For example, the Automatic setting for Import Orders brings in Item and Qty but not Price. If you have a special price on Shopify, click to include it and Save As... MyShopifyOrders. Then in Shopify Settings select yo
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