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Ecwid Connect

Ecwid Connect automatically connects Big Business to your Ecwid store. Fully automatic and fully customizable, Ecwid Connect lets you get new customers and orders as they come in, or in batches when you are ready to process.

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Ecwid Registering

Ecwid Connect

Battery Settings

macOS Big Sur adds Battery to System Preferences for laptops. Settings previously found in Energy Saver are now found here. Turn OFF the setting for Prevent Computer from Sleeping for reliable Instant-On.

Chapter 55 Works With

Modified DateTime

Sales Orders now include a Modified DateTime field named, ModMyDtTm. Added for ShipStation ODBC Client requirements, and not needed for their Custom Queries, it provides a simple way to see the last time an Order was modified in Big Business when reading from MySQL.

This Solution describes this option. (7069)

Instant On

Instant On is a new feature in Big Business. New Networking allows Big Business Client to Sleep. Shut your laptop or allow your computer to sleep and when it wakes on the same network, Big Business Client will resume working right where you left off.

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(Up) Chapter 19 Networking

Modified Timestamp

Sales Orders (SO) now include a Modified Timestamp field (ModMyTimeStamp). This field was added to meet a ShipStation requirement for their ODBC Client.

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ShipStation CountOrders

To connect ShipStation to Big Business you need to set up the Shipping Connect add-on (or let us do this for you) and in the ShipStation ODBC Client configure a Store to use Custom Queries starting with CountOrders.sql.

This Solution describes creating this file. (7083)
Chapter 53 ShipStation ODBC

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