Go Live

When you purchase an add-on or customization we send you a checklist.

Before you go live, we get busy and send an email with a live walkthrough of the setup.

This includes step-by-step instructions and links to Solutions with additional details.

Call or email with any questions, and know that we know what you're going through.

Go Easy

Many options in Big Business are a checkbox. Check the box to turn on.

Most options add new tools, new places for new data, and presets to help you along.

Call or email about any option you need and we'll help get you set up.

Then, when you are ready, simply turn on and bring your team up to speed.

Go Ballistic

When you purchase Big Business you get an industrial strength Database, built-in.

When you add a connection it is high performance and non blocking.

When you add a feature it comes with free fit and finish to make it extend and scale.

Call or email for specifics, and know that we're thinking big on your behalf.