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Built-In Database

Big Business includes built-in Database software, which means:
• no additional purchase
• no additional installation
• no additional setup or configuration
You simply install Big Business and start it.

For one user only, there is one piece of software. For multiple users, there are two pieces of software:
• Server goes on one computer and manages your Data File
• Client goes on all computer
Security Update
Built-in Database (Recycled)

BizApp 13

BizApp is for iPad and iPhone for reviewing Invoices, Customers, and Items from Big Business. To use, you need Big Business Open edition and the Web Server Add-On.

BizApp 13 is an update using latest versions of Apple's database for testing with Big Business 13 to run on Apple's newest operating system, Big Sur.


Chapter 55 Works With

This chapter describes Systems and setups that Big Business 12 works with, including:
• macOS 11 Big Sur that is not yet released by Apple
• Windows 7 that is no longer supported by Microsoft
• new and old email clients like Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013

No guarantees, but the answer is usually Yes we can make it works as is, instantly, and you can update as needed and have it working again, in
Chapter 55 Works With

Battery Settings

macOS Big Sur adds Battery to System Preferences for laptops. Settings previously found in Energy Saver are now found here. Turn OFF the setting for Prevent Computer from Sleeping for reliable Instant-On.

Chapter 55 Works With

macOS Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur was released as a developer beta on June 22, 2020. Apple released the prior version as a public beta and may make changes in the operating system, yet. This solution will be updated as needed. (7053)
Chapter 55 Works With

Open Anyway

To install Big Business 12 on macOS Big Sur, or macOS Catalina and higher, go to System Preferences, Security, and click Open Anyway.

Big Business 12 works on new and old Macs so is Not Notarized. (7054)
Chapter 55 Works With
Not Notarized

macOS Big Sur Beta

This Solution provides compatibility information for Big Business and macOS 11 Big Sur Beta, available June 22, 2020. Big Business 12 is supported on macOS Big Sur Beta. To install Big Business, go to System Preferences, Security, and click Open Anyway.

Beta 9 was released 9/29/20 by Apple and all versions of Big Business crash on it. We exepect this will be fixed in Beta 10 from Apple but ar
Chapter 55 Works With


AVG protects you from malicious code by blocking anything suspicious. To install Big Business, turn off AVG by right-clicking it in System Tray and setting to Off. After installing Big Business, restart and rescan your machine to make sure it's clean.

This Solution provides details. (6991)

Big Business Check Layout

Many companies move to Big Business while they still have a surplus of check stock from their previous system. Big Business uses a built-in check layout that calls for a specific format.

This Solution provides information about compatible check stock. (3418)

Before You Start

Before you start installing Big Business Server for Windows, make sure you meet the System Requirements (2576)
(Next) Big Business Server Notes

Using Other Charges for a Discount

“We have a business that offers a progressive discount based on
the invoice total. Would it be possible to assign a negative value to an item in the "Other Charges" category?”


The Calculation of Other Charges on a Big Business Quote, Sales Order or Invoice can be used in a variety of ways including:

-Automatically entering a “Fixed Amount” to be included in the Total, but excluded from t

Using Other Charges for Second Tax

The Calculation of Other Charges on a Big Business Quote, Sales Order or Invoice can be used in a variety of ways including:

-Automatically entering a “Fixed Amount” to be included in the Total, but excluded from the Subtotal and Tax (e.g. flat handling charge)
-Calculating a “Percentage of Subtotal” (e.g. Discount, Surcharge, Freight by value)
-Calculating a “Percentage of Taxable“ (e.g. a seco

Appearance Settings Error on Vista

If you are running Big Business 6, Single-User, on Vista and attempt to change the Appearance Settings on the Company Card, you may get the error pictured, which reads,
"You cannot write on the volume. Make sure that it is not full, that it is not read only and that you have the necessary privileges. The picture could not be created." (6026)

Support for Standardized Labels

Big Business 2.0 designates several Deluxe labels for use with Big Business. Deluxe is no longer offering these labels.

The labels in question are:
#92127 or #91863, 3-up labels used for Addresses and Price Labels
#82050 or #82121, 2-up labels used for Addresses and Price Labels
#82116, 6/sheet labels used for Shipping Labels and Allocation Tags

This Solution provides detailed information for

Importing Accounts and Categories

Importing Accounts and Categories
If your business has been using accounting software, you may be able to import the software’s account and category information into Big Business. Importing from your old software allows you to maintain your system of account names and to automatically bring over your current balances.

Before importing, of course, you should make sure that the data in your old so

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