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Docs Fixes

Big Business 10 adds the Docs tool allowing you to attach External Documents to any transaction in Big Business. This is handy for PDFs of POs, scanned docs, and more.

Big Business 10.22 fixes File Names with slashes.

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Share Forward

Share Forward is the feature of the Docs tool that lets others view or download your attachments when they convert your Orders to Invoices. This is handy when they have question about the customer's PO and you've been thoughtful enough to attach a copy right there. It also works for you to look back at your Order and see any attachments to the Invoice(s) such as shipping docs.

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Docs Not Found

You can Copy a file from your Desktop or any folder or directory and Paste it into Docs. The Docs Not Found alert will appear if the document cannot be found.

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Docs Screen Capture on macOS Catalina

MacOS Catalina requires permission for Screen Capture.

Without permission, the Docs Screen Capture feauture will return an error:
Error when executing the method "bDoc_New" at line number 6.
The pathname is invalid. File Not Found. Blah, blah, blah.

To fix, enable Screen Recording permission as detailed below. (6992)
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