Big Business 14 ushers in major changes that result in minor chaos.

We apologize if any or all of the following cause consternation.

Online Help

Help is simpler. Click a Chapter and the contents show complete answers and legible pictures without more clicking.
Same with a Search. Find a thing that relates to your thing, then click Chapter to peruse related things.*
* once we clean up existing entries

Load Pictures

Pictures are a nuisance if they are slow to load, hard to share, or tricky to add.
Big Business 14 replaces previous image handling, so drag & drop, cut & paste, export & email, as you wish.*
* once we work the kinks out

Allow Acronyms

MRP crept in, and, now, BOM.
Some acronyms you can't live without.
Big Business is ERP, minus HR, a DBMS plus DMS, weak CRM, full B2B plus B2C.*
Let's get over it together.
* I know, right?

Double Click

Our founders declared drill-down an inalienable right. Real-time, relational data merits drill-down.
Now you can double-click item rows to go to items and blank rows to add new. And yet, some like the old ways.*
* there is a prefs setting for that