Silicon Release

Big Business 14 is available for Macs.

It is identical to Big Business 13 but has a new Database, native for Apple Silicon.

Big Business 13 remains the current product with reduced pricing from July.

Big Business 14 will have new pricing and support for Windows in 2023.


Rename Change

Rarely do we rename. 1852+ pages of Help, searchable by Keyword, make this awkward.

But, Shopify Orders and Shopify Inventory beat Shopify Connect and Shopify II.

So we will carefully replace a few too many II's. Thanks for your patience.


Recolor Correct

Big Business makes continuous, careful changes to keep pace with customers' needs and computing evolution.

Big Business 13.47 is a forty-seventh update and within are numerous requests but also subtle changes to color as objects change.

[Ship-To] is more gray when locked, to better align with your system theme choices.


Resume Support

If we haven't heard from you in year(s), we may have sent an email about Support recently. Please reply to let us know if you need help.

There are always options to resume support, get new versions, and get back to business.

We continue to build new ways forward but with respect to your history, Big Business tries to be always, always backwards-compatible, too.


Review Pricing

Better faster safer OS's are more frequent and more demanding. A new lower price for Big Business helps you keep pace.

Standard was $660 and is now $500. In comparison to subscription products, this lowers break-even from 20 months to more like fifteen.

Big Business is still a flat price for New or Upgrades with Support. This only makes sense for keeping your data always accessible.


Rethink Different

Big Business 13 and Big Business 14 are the same application in different packages.

Big Business 13 is the current, for all current computers, and optimized for Intel.

Big Business 14 is the future, for new Macs and PC's, and optimized for Apple + Intel.