Big Business 12 (2019)

 Windows Server 2019
 macOS Catalina

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Big Business 12 adds massive scalability using a new database—optimized for macOS Catalina, certified for Windows Server 2019, and 100% 64-bit including new Windows Clients.

This adds incredible power for connections starting with Clients adding seamless support for sleep, encryption, and networking improvements. Whether you deploy on a Mac Mini in your back office or colocated in Vegas, or put your Server for Windows on Amazon, Azure, or on premises, Big Business 12 makes it easier than ever to upgrade, update, and coordinate all your users.

The biggest beneficiary is the Docs feature which has been a runaway success. It lets you put files where you can find them. More importantly, it lets you put files where others would look for them. Attach customers' PO's directly to sales orders and other users can see them instantly when they invoice. Attach images or specs to an item and Send them as attachments when emailing quotes, orders, and invoices --"here is your quote and a brochure for the product". The possibilities are endless and capacity is now, near limitless.

Sure, each month will bring new features and fixes. The real investment, though, is licensing the new Database, which immediately adds support for macOS Catalina and Windows Server 2019, provides the assurance of future compatibility, and offers massive room to grow.

new Database

Higher security. Huger scalability.

new Apps

100% 64-bit.

new Views

Separate windows on Windows. Finally.

new Security

Secure Server encrypts all Client connections.

new Installation

Puts 64-bit where it belongs.

new Sleep

Instant On