Big Business 11.20 improves automation for sales taxes, EDI, email, and more. New reports are cloud optimized. Customizations are open.

Apple announced new products. Will they work with Big Business?
Yes, new iMacs will work great—even better with a Flash Drive!


Questions about Apple's new credit card made of titanium? Fire away.
Can I use it to slice into a box of Big Business? No, we don't do boxes.
Can I use it to buy Big Business using Apple Pay? Totally!
1) you send us an email saying, Yes, I want to buy Big Business
2) we send you a Square Invoice with Apple Pay button
3) we send you Registration and Download instructions


Big Business 11.19 adds a few fixes and features. Because software, like a box of chocolates, is better with more flavors and fewer surprises.

Help also gets a few improvements. Even nicer than a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day is one that has the little map inside.

Love Your Team

Big Business is a team solution and makes being a team player easier. Your options are there for you. Your entries are simple fill-in-the-blanks. Presets give you a headstart. Attaching Docs lets you share forward.

Your team leaders can select your settings to let you run with it, safely. Accounting and reporting can measure and help guide your success. New options wait on the sidelines, ready and able to fit into your routine. Help is there to spend less time doing, while doing more for your team.


Big Business 11.18 starts the year with a big bang — an explosion of changes that refine Middleware, round out Taxes Changes, add more setup automation to Connect tools, and roll in a ton of customizations.

If you are using Connect tools allow a bit more time when updating to revise your mappings. There are new fields for taxes in external systems that you might want take advantage of. When you turn on new fields in Big Business it will now Update Maps for you.

Own Your Data

Big Business lets you create the solution you need for buying bulk, building kits, distributing wholesale, selling retail, offering omnichannel, tracking inventory, managing warehouses, generating accounting, keeping attachments, storing documents, sending emails, sharing data, simplifying data-entry, and coordinating all your data, your way.


Big Business 11.17 finishes the year with a flourish with clever changes to taxes—built-in and online, updating of the maps that are used across all connections and now automatically coordinated, and a wide array of other feature requests that add new options, mostly without obligation.