Big Business 11.18 starts the year with a big bang — an explosion of changes that refine Middleware, round out Taxes Changes, add more setup automation to Connect tools, and roll in a ton of customizations.

If you are using Connect tools allow a bit more time when updating to revise your mappings. There are new fields for taxes in external systems that you might want take advantage of. When you turn on new fields in Big Business it will now Update Maps for you.

Own Your Data

Big Business lets you create the solution you need for buying bulk, building kits, distributing wholesale, selling retail, offering omnichannel, tracking inventory, managing warehouses, generating accounting, keeping attachments, storing documents, sending emails, sharing data, simplifying data-entry, and coordinating all your data, your way.


Big Business 11.17 finishes the year with a flourish with clever changes to taxes—built-in and online, updating of the maps that are used across all connections and now automatically coordinated, and a wide array of other feature requests that add new options, mostly without obligation.


Big Business 11.16 adds new options. It adds basic TaxJar Connect, and built-in Taxes Changes, and best-of-both adoption options. It adds Units and Pricing options, such as Smart Units for fast on-the-fly conversion from base to bulk sales. It adds Addresses Changes to coordinate Sales Taxes, Channels, and Warehouses. And, it adds to Mappings, so like GPS, check before you set off.

Works The Way You Want

  Big Business 10 was good

  Big Business 11 is getting better

Big Business 11 is rolling forward with more Changes, more Smart Features, and more ways to Connect. Get Big Business 11.15 now.


Apple announced macOS Mojave will be available September 24th. Everything is copacetic with Big Business 11. Big Business 11.14 included a Database update, Not Optimized versions of 1-User and Client, and updates for Connect options.

Apple has reclaimed the keyboard shortcut, Command-Shift-5, previously borrowed by Big Business to go to Window Capture. No matter, you should now be using Docs Screen Capture!

Manage, to grow.

Combines the tools you need.

Accounting & Inventory (ERP)

Visibility to see where you are going and know what you will need. Double-entry to double-check where you have been.

Customers & Contacts (CRM)

Shipping Addresses, accounts, and details. Phones, Titles, and Emails. Docs, Notes, and Alerts. Printed and Private Comments.

Docs, managed simply (DMS)

Best system for document management? Attach! Drag a PO to an Order. Paste a PDF to a Quote. There for you, or others, instantly.

Email Portable Documents (PDF)

Amazon sends pretty html, but attachable? Send PDFs for pretty printing or, preferably, paperless.

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With over 20 years of experience, we know that change is the one constant.