Apple announced macOS Mojave will be available September 24th.

Everything is copacetic with Big Business 11.

Big Business 11.14 included a Database update, Not Optimized versions of 1-User and Client, and updates for Connect options.

Apple has reclaimed the keyboard shortcut, Command-Shift-5, previously borrowed by Big Business to go to Window Capture.
No matter, you should now be using Docs Screen Capture...


For September 11th, we posted Big Business 11.14.

It is the same as Big Business 11.13 with a Database update.

As always the ReadMe lists all changes including links to Solutions.

Labor Day

For Labor Day we are posting Big Business 11.13, which refactors connect options for changes to services such as BigCommerce.


For August 12th–not a real holiday–we are posting a twelfth update to Big Business 11.12.

This Update adds fixes and features and improves connections for data sharing.

As always the ReadMe lists all changes including links to Solutions.

Bastille Day

For Bastille Day we posted Big Business 11.11.

Then someone spilled a world cupful of bière in our web server. We think. Content is re-updated; if you have any issues please re-download.

Congratulations and thanks to our French vendors, especially for the software updates on the 10th.

Independence Day

For Independence Day we posted Big Business 10.29 and
Big Business 11.10.

These Updates fix display problems with Windows 10 April 2018 Update Fonts and some annoying Line Numbers issues.

This is the last, last update to Big Business 10. Really.
For Big Business 11 we are just getting started.

As always the ReadMe lists all changes including links to Solutions.


For Juneteenth we posted Big Business 11.9.

Channels now tie into Quotes, Orders, and Invoices to automatically use alternate contact info for your other divisions, brands, or sales channels.

There are updates for Windows 10, Docs, and more.

New Architecture makes updating as simple as download and install.

Father's Day

In advance of Father's Day we posted Big Business 11.8.

The pressing issue was display problems in Windows 10 since its April 2018 Update.

Channels is progressing nicely, if conceptually, but finally getting something to test.

Lastly, we may have overreacted to Not Optimized warnings. Apple is now saying next, next macOS requires 64-bit everything. So, it was too early to promote our 64-bit Client, which you are welcome to try.

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we posted Big Business 10.28.

This is the last Update for Big Business 10. Its Database is no longer updated or supported so it will not be updated for new macOS or Windows Updates.

It did get some Plugin Updates and a recent TLS Update to give it some legs.

Mother's Day Bouquet

For Mother's Day we built a bouquet. We don't do floral arrangements. So we went with forget-me-not features, artfully arrayed.

For a focal point we chose Any API. Avalara to Zuora, we are now ready. Most companies could use a connection to their favorite online service. Do you copy data to your store or service in the cloud? Let's connect!

Channels add a little whimsy to the mix. Given time they will bloom. To start they automate so the right customers get the right contact info for your organization. Wholesale with a litte retail? Distributor with walk-in?

Finshing touches include small sprigs of Imports, Plugins, and Statements. Hope you enjoy!

Cinco de Mayo updates security detail

For Cinco de Mayo we posted Big Business 10.27 to bring it current for secure credit card processing. Ongoing Support covers this Update to Big Business 10, or a fix to Big Business 9, which is no longer updated.

Big Business 11, updated below, is already current.

May Day brings power to the people

For May Day we posted Big Business 11.7 for download and re-cataloged prior releases. Big Business 11.7 is a major update of database and components to support your favorite desktops.

Your team wants the newest updates on their desktops, asap, including whatever's next for optimized macOS or continuous Windows 10.

You want room to grow as you explore more channels for growth, attach more docs to share, and allow a bigger mix of PCs and Macs.

Big Business 11.7 delivers and shows why support covers updates like this, new features like that, and the other, whatever-you're-planning, be it automation, integration, cloud-migration. This is the tool for your people.

Easter unhides the Easter eggs

For Easter we delivered Big Business 10.26 with no new hidden features, no batteries not included, and an end to an Easter egg era.

An Easter egg is an "an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus".

Big Business 10.26 adds Auto-Import, ready to go for Big Business Pro. There we said it. You can use it. No more hiding the candy.

Big Business is filled with hidden features. They are all in every release. It does everything we were ever asked for distribution, for sales, for inventory, for weird-o pricing, taxation, commission. We are happy to put in your one thing. You probably chose our product because we could.

Now we have completed custom search lists, cacading controls, quick-changes for employees, and much more to make it super-easy for everyone to have everything, or not. No more hiding the candy. Promise.

It's 2018,  and Big Business 11 has landed.

For 2018 we have Big Business 11, a tad late but totally worth the wait. macOS High Sierra shipped last September with lots of Notifications. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update slipped in in October. We're on it.

Big Business 11 is a big leap forward for performance and scalability. Save more docs from your desktop apps, attach with scans and snaps. Add more customers, more items, more kits, more warehouses, more people, more data, more control, all seamless. And easier than ever.

For new servers get real, virtualized, or cloud-hosted with room to grow. With Big Business 11 expect faster future features and fewer fixes. Next up might be POS, but it really depends on your need. Please let us know.

Manage, to grow.

Combines the tools you need.

Accounting & Inventory (ERP)

Visibility to see where you are going and know what you will need. Double-entry to double-check where you have been.

Customers & Contacts (CRM)

Shipping Addresses, accounts, and details. Phones, Titles, and Emails. Docs, Notes, and Alerts. Printed and Private Comments.

Docs, managed simply (DMS)

Best system for document management? Attach! Drag a PO to an Order. Paste a PDF to a Quote. There for you, or others, instantly.

Email Portable Documents (PDF)

Amazon sends pretty html, but attachable? Send PDFs for pretty printing or, preferably, paperless.

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