Big Business Server

Server is a Database, installed in your office or remotely, that keeps all of your information in one big Data File.
Client is the application to access it. Add-On

Click to authorize and capture--from the Secure Credit Card widget built into Big Business. Works with your choice of merchant account.

eCommerce Integration

Big Business can automatically get new customers and orders from your web store, update inventory, and more.
For B2B, we like Bigcommerce.


Add documents to your workflow. Big Business saves attachments to share with all users, on Macs or PCs, transparently.

Shipping Add-On

Connect shipping computers to get addresses automatically and put back tracking and charges to share with users and customers.

Data Warehousing

Dump live data to another system, for achiving or integration, including all user-entered data, up to the minute (custom interval).


Email PDFs to Customers and Contacts and Vendors--in line with the save-print workflow--using popular email apps or services.

Multi-Currency Add-On

Broaden your horizons with unlimited currencies for inventory purchases and sales. Work, Print, or Report in your currency or theirs.

Web Server Build-Out

Choose the built-in Web Server to connect iPads and iPhones, or browsers with custom Web 2.0, or use the new Web API.